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  1. Happy Birthday corolla fife!

  2. corolla fife

    My Corolla

    just a coupleof pics of my car
  3. Hi im new and thought i would just introduce myself. I own a corolla T3..... yeah laff all you want its just a baby compared to some that are out there. But hey it looks the business. Im trying to figure out how to post pictures of it but im not very computer literate ha ha ha. If anybody would like to guide me thru it in simple terms it would be appreciated. My corolla is an 03 plate, sitting on a set of 19s, lowered 30mm completely standard other than those modifications. If any other people from Fife see my post by all means drop me a line for a natter. Thanks for taking time to read my post. Look forward to hearing from people (hopefully)!
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