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  1. Hey ppl I am looking for the repair manual and owners handbook for my car. It is a 2000 Toyota ALtezza with a 3S-GE with the 6spd gearbox. Anybody has one that I can get a copy or where can I buy one
  2. Hey just a little clarifications required. The toyota Altezza has many versions around the world. Toyota Altezza - RS200, 2L, 3S-GE - Japan Toyota ALtezza - AS200, Lexus IS300 - 3L, JZ engine, US Is there any other configurations and where are thy sold and the one ones listed above where else are they sold.
  3. The car is fine now. Thanks. When I do mods, do I have to disconect the battery to reset the computer or is there a sequence I can do to achieve this.
  4. Hey, I just changed the battery in my altezza (Beams engine). When I started the car it was idling very rough and and the idle speed was very low. After about half hour the car idle came back up to normal. I will check it again this evening when I leave work. Is this normal and does this have anything to do with the computer needing to be reset. What is the sequence for reseting the computer.
  5. Check the following 2 sites they might be able to assist www.tirerack.com www.1010tires.com
  6. Thank you, but I am from trinidad in the Caribbean and I can't access Halford, any other suggestions. I was advised to use 5W50.
  7. Hi, I am new to this forum so just getting my feet wet. I have a 2000 Altezza with the 2L 3SGE, I have the car for about a year. I imported my car from Japan and the guy who brought it in for me used Castrol GTX the first time, I then used Mobil 1 syntec. I am not sure what is the best weight oil for this engine, 5W40 etc. Any help guys/girls will be appreciated. Thank YOu