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    Hi all, thank you for your comments I decided not to go ahead with that purchase. I have brought a super 3 door Green/Black RAV4 2.0 GX P reg with 92000 on the clock. Cambelt changed at 80000 so should be fine, nice and smooth in all gears. What a pleasure to drive. Regards Roger.
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    Welcome Roger....... I trust that's a typo??? Or a record! Thank you, Ahh senior moment sorry about that it's a typo.
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    Hi Guys I am just about to buy a 5 door RAV 4 with 999000 on the clock, my first RAV. it seems a lovery drive except for a vibration in 5th gear at about 50 mph it dissappears if you go faster or slower it wont vibrate in 4th and runs very well in all other the gears except 5th. I dont think it is the wheels as that would happen at that speed in any gear and I cannot feel it through the steering. I wonder if it is the gearbox any ideas would be very welcome it is priced at £1495 but I dont want to end up putting a lot of money to it straight off thank you Roger. :(
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