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  1. Hi, I have been able to find 35mm H&R springs for my 2014 Verso 2.0d (AR2) but haven’t had much luck sourcing anything greater than 35mm or coilovers. Does the AR2 chassis and suspension share itself with any other models like the auris ? I know im likely to get some grief for asking this but some guys just never grow up thanks
  2. I will give toyota a bell in the morning, I feel I am having exactly what this recall was about albeit the main Verso model isn't mentioned, I didn't get any warning lights on the dash or alarm sound, just the loss of steering. I will update you all tomorrow on how that goes ! https://www.whatcar.com/news/toyota-recalls-5409-uk-vehicles/ Thanks again for the responses guys 🙂
  3. Are there any common electrical faults or go to issues with this model that you guys know of ?
  4. No I bought it from a local used car sales business, it has cover under warrenty with warrenty wise for 6 months, am just trying to guage if this is a known problem with this model ?
  5. Hi guys, I recently purchased a 2012 Verso 2.0 D4D and have become increasingly worried about a problem with the power steering with it. Ive owned the car about a week and when I changed lane I noticed the steering would suddenly become heavy and pull slightly but then would become free again, this morning however I narrowly avoided and accident when the steering lost power when I entered a roundabout and the car refused to turn without me wrestling it. I narrowly avoided a taxi in the inside ring and ending up in the middle of the roundabout. Having my two young kids in the car at the time the experience left me abit shaken but I am sure this couldnt be a unique problem, has anyone else experienced this kind of issue ? I googled verso steering problems and could see some models have been recalled due to a steering module problem but it being sunday I’ll not get toyota on the phoneuntil tomorrow morning, I am unsure though if this was toyota UK. I have also noticed flickering in the dash (speedo, rev counter, display) as well along with the touch an go cutting out suddenly when the auto door lock kicks in an locks vehicle whilst driving. Given I bought the car after owning toyotas since passing my test many years ago and always advocating their reliability and needing the Verso as ive a 3rd child on the way, i find myself questioning the purchase. I hope this is easily resolved but would greatly appreciate any response or feedback from you guys ! Thanks Glen