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  1. I need a Driver's side Door Mirror for a T-Sport, mine's an 05 plate. Anyone got one? Are the T-Sport mirrors the same as any of the other models? Thanks.
  2. Guys, After a nice chappy in a transit pickup smashed the glass in my wing mirror I need to change it. Is it an easy job? New glass should be here Tuesday. Thanks.
  3. Guys, Just looking to buy some new wipers, and a few website list the French Built Yaris and not the Jap built. So stupid question for the day..... Are they the same when it comes to the wipers? :) Thanks.
  4. Bought one of the sticky pads and it works surprisingly well. Only slight issue is that it works better, because of slight glare off the screen, if the phone is upright rather than horizontal. But then the phone cannot be on charge.
  5. Thanks for that. I keep meaning to pop into Maplin and see if they have one. Looks likt it might be what I'm looking for.
  6. Personally go one step further and take it to a AirCon specialist. When I had my Mondeo, Ford wanted £400 to fix it when the clutch went. Took it to the specialist and they fixed it for £150 as the bearing just needed replacing, and front plate I think. But Ford would have just changed to whole unit. Suspect Toyota might do the same.
  7. Guys, Been meaning to ask this for a while, is there a phone holder for the Yaris? Something that will attach behind the steering wheel maybe, to hold a phone where the clocks would be on a normal car. This would be ideal for a smartphone with satnav. Thanks.
  8. I've got Uniroyal Rainsport 2s on my T-Sport. Much quieter than the previous Pirelli P6000 But slightly worse on mpg!
  9. Anyone know how much a Major service costs at Toyota for a T-sport? Thanks.
  10. Not my car, just found a pic of a Red T-Sport
  11. Hi, It's red. Not totally sure I agree that it makes wheels look smaller. Does it makes my 18"s look small in this?
  12. I'm having my Alloys refurb'd on the T-Sport, just wondered about changing the colour. Have anyone got the standard T-Sport Alloys in a non standard colour? If you have could you post pics of them and the car so I can see how it looks. Many thanks.
  13. got the rainsports on mine. much quieter as well.
  14. Yeah, why did you go for 45s rather than 50s?
  15. The tyres are now fitted. Must say I'm impressed so far. Thought something was wrong with the engine as I could hear it louder than before. Took me 3 or 4 journeys to work out the reason........it was because I COULDN'T hear the road noise from the tyres!
  16. Finally got around to ordering my 195/50 15s this morning. Went for Uniroyal RainSport 2, set of 4 for £195 from www.tyre-shopper.co.uk which is in the National Tyres group, they were £10 cheaper than Blackcircles.
  17. 49.5 this time on Shell Fuelsave.
  18. Yeah, that's why I fill up when the light comes on.
  19. I fill up when the light comes on, which takes roughly 36/37 litres to fill up. So I should have 9 litres left. So after getting 370(ish) miles from 36 litres I should have 80(ish) miles left in the tank! Don't want to try it though :)
  20. 47mpg I got in mine. 374 Miles between fill ups.
  21. Take it off, as it remove the battery from the car? Why not get one that you leave connected to the car and just plug it in as you need it. Would save you time and hassle. I've got one on my 'toy' car that doesn't get used very often. Look at the ones from CTEK. I've got this one. XS3600
  22. Yep, my T-Sport is my big engined car! The other one has a 659cc
  23. Thanks for that. Just got it from the Market and will give it a go.
  24. Oh, good call. Do you know which page, will check it out when I'm home later. Thanks
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