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  1. I walked past an IQ today and spotted the single unit projector lights, hence the reason I've appeared here. Interesting to see you have the Hella bi-xenon lights on the motorhome. I've seen some of the conversion units and they look very good. I've just ordered the bi-halogen high/low units for a project kit car. I priced the bi-xenons too, but they were £600 a pair for just the bare light units.
  2. Perhaps not the ideal place to ask, however perhaps someone overseas or running a LHD Supra in this country will be interested. I'd like to turn my RHD drivers seat into a manual one, so if you have a LHD car and would like an electric passenger seat I'd like to do a swap. I only want to swap the base frame with runners and black plastic trims, you keep your own seat base and back, they are easily removed with just 8 bolts to remove, access to the back-rest ones gained by the handy unzippable rear cover. Anyone please?
  3. I imagine most of the people who buy an Aygo view it in the same light as their washing machine, it's a metal object that does a job.
  4. That link takes you to this site?
  5. Those will be the adjustable spring seats that allow you to adjust the corner weights (ride height for those unconcerned with fine tuning the handling)
  6. That's so annoying, also when your car is lowered it handles better, so doesn't that mean that you're less likely to have an accident?
  7. I thought that was expectation and clearly too much of it by the sounds of it :D
  8. Hey I see you're also a psychic, that phrase didn't crop up until post 25! this hole is big enough already, do yourself a favour and stop digging
  9. As he says Ironman don't let me put you off replying, after all what would I know given my choice of car also I'm sure some forum members will miss your very informative posts Seroiusly though for anyone wanting some decent engine braking a nice light-weight flywheel should do the trick ;)
  10. If it does settle over time I would imagine the front will settle just as much as the rear if not more given the extra weight on the front. I'd also imagine the stance is by design and if the springs are fitted correctly now the only option for going lower is likely to be different springs I'm afraid.
  11. Steve I think your post sums up the situation perfectly thanks. :) Ironman I really don't need to add anything further, there are already plenty of other posts here that give a good explantion of engine braking :)
  12. You'd be better off not replying when you so quite clearly have no idea what you're talking about
  13. C1 forum here http://www.c1oc.co.uk/forum/index.php?sid=e37d0b5373273db560909975030e1cbb I nearly bought a new 3-door C1 VTR in Silver with the leather trim for £7300 last year but had a change of plan, not sure if that sort of deal is available now though.
  14. A bit daft perhaps...... guessing you know these new-fangled cars have five gears and that you're not driving round in 4th gear all the time? :)
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