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  1. As above a set of lowering springs as cheap as possible and around 30mm drop Cash waiting
  2. As above in good condition :-) Cash waiting
  3. As above people got cash waiting!
  4. hi i installed a k&n typhoon kit onto my car and i experienced the problem with these lights coming on which i originally resolved with a member on here, however they have came back on again and i cannot remember where i covered on the maf sensor! need help asap as have my car for sale and somebody coming to have a look at it today!!!!!
  5. exactly the same its friggin annoying, my m8 Omasis' on here has a corolla t sport and we have tried it with that however that is fine never not gone into the lift no matter the harshness of the pull off!!!
  6. My Gen 7 T sport when pulling off under hard acceleration(abit of wheel spin) does not go into the lift at all and hits the 7000rpm limit, iv noticed that the speedo doesnt register untill after few seconds however if i pull off slow and put me foot down it goes into the lift fine and its fine in all other gears. anyone else have this issue?
  7. hi mate just wondering, where you at Lindops last thursday by any chance, L13DOP rings a bell yer was my g.dads place where my dad works as well like just called in for a min like why where were you lol who are you aswell haha whilst on the subject init just called in to pick up my car, had a job done under the warranty on it, noticed you;'re car with the unusual number plate ,dont worry I'm not a stalker, o haha wot u got cts? close to my surname i could find LINDOP - L13DOP looks close enuf to me lol ur ok ill let ya off i suppose lol :P
  8. hi mate just wondering, where you at Lindops last thursday by any chance, L13DOP rings a bell yer was my g.dads place where my dad works as well like just called in for a min like why where were you lol who are you aswell haha whilst on the subject init
  9. as it saysin the subject really after 35mm or 30mm sprngs for my gen 7 t sport celica any make considered!!! :D 35mm preferably tho :D
  10. cant beat them dude! done much to yours? Not really. Had the alloys refurbished, but hit a big pot hole the other day so I'm running round on different ones at the moment. Apart from that, I got a nice exhaust on it and changed the stereo a few days back too for a becker indianapolis which blends in well with the dashboard. Any plans yourself? I won't really be modding mine much more, I think it's a great car as it is! snds good i have put lambo doors on it, the centre exit tte twin exhaust, k&n typhoon induction kit and changed the alloys, but future plans i would love my car to be white with a black roof like the dude with the corolla in iceland or sumwhere luks sweeeeeeet, but apart from tht lower it and tint windows i think, i agree totally top cars as they are!!
  11. personally i dont like them alloys 2 many lil studs round the edge ruin it for me sorry but at the end of the day its your car so u do wotever you wanna do to it :) maybe have a luk at the good old Arospeed RS GT's similar alloy but alot nicer!
  12. cant beat them dude! done much to yours?
  13. Hi all just a quickie, i was wondering if anybody knows what the biggest size alloy you can get on a gen 7 celica t sport? 19" im wanting but not too sure if would be able to lower it with 19" on it, can anybody help????
  14. Hi every1 im fairly new on here not really posted alot to be honest so just thought id put a post in here to say hello to every1, anybody from ellesmere port/chester area?
  15. only me agen still luking haha theres a few people on here with the same alloys but as previous^^^^ they all got like 15 or 16 spokes but all defo luk like the same alloy tho! Hope all this helps dude
  16. chris202 luks as he has the same wheels but his also have got 15 spoke! bit wierd counting on your pics they got 14!
  17. ive been looking for about an hour 15 mins and they defo 14 spoke but there is another celica gt four with the same alloys but with 15 spokes and they are OZ m8 http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y60/sxb182/Pic1.jpg
  18. Hi m8 they look like 100+ alloys, i was going to buy a set pretty much identical last year for my old corsa and they were 100+, luk alot like the same set to me m8y!! i though i found the set then here but then realised after looking again that they had an extra spoke haha sorry http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/17-White-Alloy-Wheel...A2%7C240%3A1318 hope this helps!!
  19. sound cheers m8 will send pics when they off my phone.
  20. Hi all i was just wondering if anybody on here or if anybody knows of any1 that is really good on photoshop as i am thinking about changing the clolour of my celica and the attempts that i have dun have been ok but wud like abit better to help me make my decision. Cheers
  21. Hi every1 fairly new on this, i drive a gen 7 T-Sport in storm blue i think the proper name for the colour but it luks black in the daylight, anyways luvin all these celica pics people keep them coming specially the Gen 7 T-Sports!!! heres a few pics of mine..... tte centre exit twin pipes on the back but no pics as of yet, will have alot more pics soon! :)
  22. L13DOP

    Pride And Joy

    heres a few of my baby (nicknamed by many as the batmobile) more to come soon when he weather brightens up!!
  23. my engine management light, vsc and traction control lights come on like every week and this is only since the typhoon kit has been fitted and i do not know y? i was just wonderin if anybody else had experienced the same problem and if so how did you sort it out as is really annoying! lol