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  1. Oh hell, maybe I will pay for it to be done in that case.
  2. As title. I usually get a service at a dealer but have decided as it's only worth around 2k now i'll just do the odd bits myself to save costs. Just wondering what to do for a service as mentioned above I've never looked into it and always got someone else to do it.
  3. Any idea of the size anyone ?. Tried bolts a few I have lying round and no luck so far.
  4. Thanks Phil, i'll have a look at the size.
  5. How do I get to the rear brake pads ?, can't get the cover off to see them. EDIT: MK 1 btw if it matters.
  6. jf2404

    4th Yr Service.

    Thanks. Service due now really, still wondering to take to Mr T or another garage using bosch parts. £250+ from Mr T or around £100 elsewhere.
  7. Got my 4th yr service due soon. Is their any point going to the main dealer for the service as it's out of it's warrenty ?. Also whats the book price for a 4 yr service before anything that is needed is added @ a dealer ?. Am I right in saying you needed A main dealer to service it during it's warrenty for the Toyota parts ?, if I go elsewhere , do I still need Toyota parts or will any do ?. Just sick of paying £200+ for a service when i'm getting shot of it when it's paid off (Dec 08). Also if anyone knows of a reliable service place in the North East , please let me know.
  8. jf2404

    Yaris Problems

    Thinking about it, isn't the Lambda (air thing) the problems people we're having who filled up with the dodgy fuel ?. I mainly fill up at Asda and Morrisons and when i heard about the dodgy fuel , I filled up at Esso to mix it up a bit if it was dodgy stuff inside. Do you think the fuel problem could have caused this to happen ?.
  9. jf2404

    Yaris Problems

    Thanks guys? lol. I'll look into the Lambda thingie ma bob.
  10. jf2404

    Yaris Problems

    With my 2003 1.3 T3 Yaris it's starting to make noises. It's sounds like it's "over revving", at first start up then goes as normal but when slowing down and braking with clutch in, it's making a noise as if I pressed hard down on the accelorator and let it out fast (which i'm not). Anyone any ideas what it could be ?. It's out of it's warrenty now. Cheers guys/gals.
  11. jf2404


    I get around the 340 mile mark on a full tank. Thats motorway and in town (40mpg-50mph) roads. I fill er up when the guestemate thing says 80 mile range.
  12. jf2404

    New Tyres Needed

    What are the yaris standard tyres ?. Not sure if mine has the original ones or replacements.
  13. jf2404

    Range Problem!

    It is a handy thing to have. I fill "her" up when the range is at 80 then £20 and around 330 miles to go on. Yeah it is annoying when it doesn't re-set automatically until taking the key out and back in. I don't see how it's approximate though, mine still ticks down as normal if i'm going 30mph or even 70mph. Also i've gotten out of the car it saying 250 and got back in to go and it says 270 or higher. Useful anyway as a guestemate.
  14. jf2404

    New Tyres Needed

    Probably a dumb question but where do you go to get them put on your rim when buying online ?.
  15. Where is the best / cheapest place to get new tyres from ?. I just have the basic tyres that come with my T3, no alloys or anything fancy. My service in November showed the tread getting close to the "red" area, unfortunatley on all 4 tyres. Might aswell get them all done now before the snow arrives and I end up in a hedge :D . I got my last one from Kwick-Fit any better / cheaper national companies out there ?.