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  1. Phi

    Best Accessories

    What is a good price / going price for the glove bag/box (genuine part)? I have seen a few but the metallic button on the front seems to vary on the left and right hand side? Is that correct?
  2. Phi

    Iq3 - Newbie

    I think I have just about given up trying to tune my radio, I have managed to save 3 radio stations on FM3 and thats about it. I have another question re: ECO start/stop I have always have the climate control on Auto setting and it seems to be always auto set at: feet and windscreen is this because of the ECO start/stop - in the sense of the engine is not on throughout a journey? thanks for your help
  3. Phi

    Iq3 - Newbie

    Hello, I am back again after trying to set the radio at the weekend I have still not managed it :( I can get the 'set' mode but can't seem to save the channel. As per the instructions: When I hold the '+' or '-' sign it just goes up or down for example I am trying to tune 105.60 fm when i press '+' it just goes up to 105.80 fm and doesn't save. Any tips would be appreciated.
  4. Phi

    Iq3 - Newbie

    Ok, will try again with the car stationary, was just about to say my 3rd day trying and failed. Granted I am trying to set it on my way to work.
  5. Phi

    Iq3 - Newbie

    Hi Mark, I did actually stumble across that thread too, but I find it very hard to get to the 'set' mode. I have only managed to get the 'set' mode once after repeatedly pressing the mode numerous times. I wish it was an easier process.
  6. Phi

    Iq3 - Newbie

    Thanks for the help everyone, I looked further and still can't find the head rests so I spoke to the dealer and they are looking into it for me. In terms of the radio I've still not managed to save radio channels. When I tune the station, I can't seem to save the channel. I press the mode a few times and sometimes it just completely switches off or just beeps and nothing happens.
  7. Phi

    Iq3 - Newbie

    Hi Mark, thanks for the warm welcome and tips :) Did your car come with rear head rests or is it optional? Mine doesn't seem to have any but does come with a boot cover. Also, do you have any recommendation for car mats and prices? thanks again
  8. Phi

    Iq3 - Newbie

    Hello, I have just bought a IQ3 and have a few questions: 1. Saving Radio Stations I have tried and found a thread that already asked this, and it mentioned holding the mode button until it beeps twice. However when I try to do this the radio just turns off and then on again - are there any other hints? 2. Fuel Do IQ's have the option of how many miles the remaining in the fuel tank can do. 3. Head rests Do all IQ3's have headrest included within the IQ? thanks for your help
  9. Hi guys just a mini update - I've now managed to change bulbs. Thanks for the feedback Just a note the Driver side license bulb - requires the removal of 2 screws, too remove the black metal bracket to access the bulb" as described by matt & "the Passenger license bulb is simply locating the bulb behind the panel & twist" as described by sammy. Thanks
  10. Hi Sammy, Thanks for the quick response , I think I've located the 2x pop out panels you mention in the boot lid. So I shall give it another try tomorrow morning And thanks again.
  11. Hi, I've got newbie question I would to ask you all for some advice & feedback. Here goes I currently drive a "2005 - E12 Corolla hatchback" and 1 of my rear number plate lamps need replacing. I've located the replacement bulb (501 T10) from the useful sticky guide on here : So I've got my replacement bulb and my Corolla manual to hand, but the manual doesn't mention how to access or remove the existing bulbs . I've opened the boot lid & identified the 2 clip on panels near the handles used close the boot lid. But I still can not access the license place bulbs. Not sure if I required to move all plastic surrounds in the boot lid... So if anyone has experience in replacing their rear number plate bulb please post your feedback please... Kinda don't want to go to Halford as I've got the feeling they bodge it. Cheers..
  12. Hello all, i was just wondering after using the ipod do you need to disconnect? because at the moment I am simply turning the engine off and pulling it out. thanks
  13. About 35-40 liter .... I ususally check the tripmeter instead of looking at the "not so accurate" fuel gauge. Anybody else who have fuel gauge accurate observations. Hi Gemlin, I had an issue with the fuel gauge on my 2005 Corolla which was fixed under warranty lucky, if I had a full tank of fuel or 3/4 full the gauge would randomly display empty whiles driving until I turned stop the engine (turned off ignition and restarted for gauge to display the real fuel level). The issue was fixed due to a faulty fuel sensor. Not sure if this helps but again could be the fuel sensor :P
  14. Hi, I’m not sure if this helps, I recently replaced the wing mirror on 05 Corolla (driver side) the mirror had cracked by another on coming vehicle. Luckily the whole unit was intact but the mirror had popped off and was cracked. The mirror was easily reattached to the unit; deepening on the Corolla model the electric mirrors has two connectors and a metal (hook) catch furthest away from the door which clips the unit and mirror into place. When I ordered a replacement mirror from Toyota it was around £60 for an electric heated mirror and they even offered to fit the mirror for free as it was only a two minute job. Depending on the damage I had to replace the mirror and electronic unit in the end which cost around £200. This included 30 minute labour to install unit. I'll recommend taking the car down to Toyota to install the mirror for free less hassle. Thanks, Phil
  15. Thanks Norfolk for the quick response. I going back to Mr T now to order my heater mirror.... The part number is : 87908-02590 driver side mirror (Heated). 87908-02600 driver side mirror (not heated) Thanks... :D