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  1. Just thought i'd say welcome to the club! Long time no post! i was tempted to log in by luke and some amusing idiocy! ;)
  2. most definitely wont fit. pfl and fl grilles are totally different in both shape and fitment.
  3. not a good move leaving numbers on the internet............... also, try the search function. it works wonders.......almost like google! ;)
  4. you can make anything fit (turbo wise) for the right price. i wouldn't count on finding an off the shelf kit though.
  5. wow, ive never seen such total and utter drivel flow from one persons keyboard before in regards to the t-sport. its the first time ive ever heard anyone attempt to pass off high speed instability on a corolla as a result of the 'rear wing pushing down making the front rise up'. jokes central! lol. ill think of this the next time im shooting up the m1. as for why is you car so economical compared to everyone elses, theres 2 options, its either slow as %$(, or the figures are wrong. i can gurantee you that plugging a laptop in is not as accurate as doing the maths pre and post pump. as many owners on here know the trip comps are more than often totally wayward. mine once read 73mpg....... i also dont see how your little test thing applies. even i can get 40 mpg driving like little miss daisy over a short distance. real world driving, real world speeds, admitedly ***** about from time to time..... under 20mpg. anyway, thanks for the link to this. well worth logging in for the first time in a while! ;)
  6. well in, as your probably aware from the turbo installs the closer to the turbo the better.... usually comes from a braised feed directly on the compressor housing.... id assume there would be a MAP somewhere on a compressor that you could jack into either way. but as youve done it, alls right in the world. what gague are you running?
  7. youd be better off skipping changing the washers, moving up to solid bearings on the linkages rather than the rubber bushes.
  8. personally i wouldnt repair a cracked bumper. with all the love and time in the world theyl never be the same :( hope its not too bad!
  9. theres some really good quality carbon wraps outs there these days. there was a white celica gt at JAE in 2009 that had a carbon wrapped bonnet/roof and wing.....it looked hot. edit:- uploaded some pics i have of it.......
  10. theyre as good as the amount you spend on them, my uncle does this sort of thing along side other signage for a living so im pretty familiar with them. you can get basic coloured/effect vinyls at fairly cheap prices, or you can get expensive ones that are laminated etc which are uv resistant, etc etc and also stand up to bird crap. Its one of those things where you most deffinately get what you pay for.
  11. marc had nice rear clusters on his black pfl. they were black snake eyes or something. but they looked hot on his. anything other than black would of been a fail mind.
  12. hahaha. jokes! it wasnt that bad......well maybe the one where you thought you had done me.....and then i sailed past..... that amused even me :P much love brother!
  13. indeed. im more a fan of looking like a bag of **** and wiping the smile off yer face down a 1/4 with a cheeky wave off the line. lol you can ask luke what the experience feels like :P
  14. dude, if i was as bothered about it as some of the people on here i would of had the bumper replaced whilst it was away being fixed. lol the original gag was that the towbar was originally fitted for my 'jetski' which i blatantly never had, then when hte light was fitted it was toyed with it would be blagged as a track day light. but as it is its a 3rd, yep, thats right, 3rd fog light. if anything id of got a facelift rear, but i think theres something to be said for a bit of car history and quirkiness. plus i love being anoying. ;) neeeeeeeowwwwwwwwwwn!
  15. yup its the scars from a retarded previous owner fitting a toyota towbar that needed a bumper cut out! :( it was either a random hole. or stick sommat in it. i love the colour too, the pictures do it zero justice, the slightest bit of direct light and it just pops. and it is most deffinately like driving a new car.
  16. tints? no. i have no need for them. like the way the car looks as is. and has plenty of changes on it for my taste! and it wasnt cheeky, well , not to me. lol took some more lame quality photos earlier........ i probably could have moved the car but it seemed like way too much hassle.
  17. lift? dunno! im saving myself ;) hahaha yeah right! felt good. she needs to loosen up a touch but fairly sure the engine work has had only positive effects. in the end the only panels not to have been touched are the roof, bonnet, boot lid, drivers door and drivers rear quater. so its like half a new car. then add in the new front end (subframe/suspension wise)
  18. and I finally have my car back! hurrah. lol i have rubbish pictures........ but im very happy. shes now in dire need of some tlc in a few areas but nothing i cant do with a few hours on hte weekend. i might even take some propper pictures. lol
  19. if it doesn't pull left or right, then theres 2 options, the easiest is adjust the track rod ends (both sides) until the steering wheel is straight the wheels themselves are then straight. if its way off, you can remove the wheel from its splined fixing and rotate it a few notches. personally, as you've put new suspension on, id just let a garage do it all. just make them aware you want the steering wheel straight as a die and the wheels to match!
  20. led's make me want to drive in the opposite direction. lol. for me as long as they're not in your face subtle.com FTW! i'm down with it. LEDs all over the front/rear bumpers, or that turn the inside into a night club is just wrong. haha
  21. have your coilovers got castor and camber adjustment on the top mounts? or do they use the original fixed point top mounts? if the wheel camber isnt the same on both sides it will make it wander to to either the left or right, depending. when you say not straight do you mean, you have to turn more than slightly to go straight or when you let go of the wheel it dives off to the left/right?
  22. totally! im missing driving a decent car. hating the pug 207 courtesy car i have. i just want my car back as it was. crashed 16th of jan, still awaiting. lol has the bumper being pushed outwards at the ends, broken the fixing plates? pretty sure they're an ***** to deal with when busted. (its a black plastic panel. not 100% on where they are attached to mind, as haven't looked at them in detail)
  23. not unless you have an extremely level ground to work on. theres an old skool plumb line method, but as its gravity based, without a truly flat ground youl end up potentially making it worse. besides, its far easier to change both alignment aspects when the car is in the air providing easy access to the right parts. a decent tyre fitting centre will inspect it for free and charge if it needs adjustment. id say about £35/£40 would be reasonable. can you visually see the camber? if its way out the front wheels will look funky as. not much you can do on the back as its a beam axle. ps, blue and green PFL's FTMFW!
  24. im getting warnings all over the site too. if it cant be addressed ill have to not use hte site as regularly until resolved. i run too much corporate data to be risking infections :(
  25. majority go along the lines of toyo proxies, personally i cant stand them. im a goodyear eagle f1 man through and through. :) a touch soft so wear quickly but spot on grip in both wet and dry. only thing is they dont do a 195/55/16 so youd have to jump up to a 205/50/16. *assuming your on 16'' alloys* if your not they im sure one of the guys with the same wheel size as you can give you their opinion.
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