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  1. I think Toyota said it would about £100 for the part and £150 for the labour. Quite steep yes. At the moment the lights are still on, but driving the car normally, not sure how long it will last. Might be writing a letter of complaint to Toyota GB about it as the dealer doesnt want to look at it unless I pay them the £250. If they have damaged it then out of principle why should I go and pay to get it repaired?
  2. Hi There, this sounds very similar to my problem. In my Avensis 1.8vvti, I was accelerating on a dual carriage way and all of a sudden there was a momentary loss of power (only a split second however), then after that the Engine light, VSC and TRC lights stayed on even after stopping and starting the car etc.. It sounds like might you have the same issue, I got the fault code read and it relates to a malfunction in the Knock Sensor, but I would advise you get your fault code checked in case it is something else. If it cut your power off for that long, then I would definetely advise you get it
  3. I've phoned another Toyota Dealership and asked them what was changed as part of the Oil Consumption issues, but they said that the Knock Sensor wasn't changed on mine and wouldn't usually be changed as it has no bearing on the Oil Consumption issue. They would have changed only the bare minimum of components they can that relate to the issue. So in my case I'm guessing they would have used my original Knock Sensor. I still need to get a second opinion on whether its been fitted correctly/damaged, hopefully I'll try and get it checked out this weekend at a local garage and see what they say.
  4. Thanks for the replies, I will definately look into getting a second opinion on the Knock Sensor malfunction. BTW the car seems to drive ok after the lights have come on in terms of power, although not as smooth. Jamesbelfast, just for clarification, are you saying that they would have fitted a new Knock Sensor as part of the short motor change? If so then this should definately be covered under guarantee as any parts fitted should be covered for at least 12 months.
  5. Just a further update: Last night driving home on the motorway and the VSC, TRC off and Engine Lights came on again. I will be writing a letter of complaint to Toyota about the issue as it seems to be too much of a coincedence that this sensor has started playing up after the engine work. Has anyone else had problems with their Knock Sensor? Searching on the forums it doesnt seem to be a part that usually goes wrong which is why I suspect it got damaged.
  6. Hi Everyone, I've got an Avensis 1.8 vvti 2004, last November I had my engine block/piston rings changed under Toyota Warranty to fix the problems with excessive oil consumption. Within the last 10 months, twice I've had the following lights come up on the dashboard together: Engine Management light VSC TRC Off The first time it happened was back in April, I got it checked out at a local garage and it came up as P0325 Knock Sensor 1 Circuit Malfunction. The second time it happened was at the beginning of September and this time I took it to Toyota to get it checked out as I thought it may be
  7. Hi All, Searching through the forums and found this topic which seems to match my situation as well. Had my clutch replaced at a local mechanic about 5 months ago. Old clutch was not releasing properly so couldn't change gears. New clutch improved things massively but I've also got this juddering when just on the biting point, more noticable in 1st gear but can affect 2nd and 3rd to a lesser extent. My mechanic is also now reluctant to investigate the issue, he believes its probably the fly wheel, so why didn't he check it when he took the gearbox out???? Now he wants to charge me to take the
  8. Thanks Igor, I tried your advice but it seems its not enough for even my clutch! My problem seems intermittent, on some journeys the clutch seems to operate fine, then on the journey back say, it can struggle to dis-engage mainly second and third gears. I am going to start getting some quotes for clutch replacements and see if the problem gets worse over the next few weeks. Is there anything else apart from a clutch kit, master and slave cylinder that would be recommended to change at the same time to save on labour costs? Also what brands would people recommend for a clucth replacement? Thank
  9. Is this problem more serius in the morning, when the car is cold? See my thread about gearbox. I suffer similar behaviour but most likely due to old gear box oil. I think its partly to do with it being cold, but even after its warmed up, its still difficult to change gear. After a lot of googling, it seems its a problem with the clutch not dis-engaging correctly, the following is taken from clutchwizard.com: Clutch Release Problems: Clutch release problems are common. Even though the clutch pedal is depressed, you have trouble shifting. In some cases it is impossible to get the transmission i
  10. No replies as yet... Has anyone else experienced anything similar to this? It seems to be an intermittent problem, sometimes it can slip into gears without an issue, then after a while it can become more difficult to change gear. Doesnt look to be cold weather related as the problem can still happen after driving round a bit when its warmed up. Problem with anything clutch related is that to get anyone to look at it will cost an arm and a leg jus to diagnose it, but if someone has experienced something similar I hope that I can pinpoint it to something specific.
  11. Hi, I bought a 54 plate Avensis 1.8vvti about 4 months ago, now has about 35k miles on the clock. I have noticed that the gear change was getting progressively more difficult, like the gear stick just wouldn't move out gear for me to change (mainly in second and third). Its almost as though the gear lever gets stuck in a particular gear and it really needs quite some force to shift it. I took it back to the garage I bought it from for them to test drive it and try and find out what the problem was, the guy drove it pretty hard and stressed the clutch quite a bit to the point that a burning sme
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