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  1. Hi Ya. Just grabbed my owners manual and it says: Radiator level warning (Diesel vehicles only) This light will show if the coolant level of the secondary radiator tank is less than the specified level. Check the coolant level immediately. Hope this helps Simon
  2. sripley

    Estima 2.2

    heya Brought a 92 Estima 4WD G class and have a couple of problems / questions 1. Turbo. The orange light comes on when putting foot and stays on, had a reply but cant trace the turbo lines, can anyone point a techno peasant in the right direction? 2. Fuel pump has a leak (hopefully to be sorted in january but making a helluva mess on the drive). I have been told that the grade of diesel in Uk differs from Japan?, is this problem gonna reoccour even with new seals? :o 3. Dashboard illumination - think Ive lost a bulb on the speedo clock (top bit) can you change a bulb without having to strip the whole dash? 4. headlights are ............ dim...... I want to change them to either high intensity or at least a higher wattage, anyone know what reference numbers are? 5. Can a full size spare fit in the spare cradle?, Im running on 215/64/15's and the spare is a bit of a biscuit!!! Anyone know the rim spec's? B) ANY heklp would be appreciated Cheers Simon
  3. Hey there. Ive just had my handbook delivered and according to that (albeit under the turbo section) it reckons 10W-30 or 20W-40 for turbo engines and replaced every 5000km or 6months whichever comes first!!!
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    Thanks guys. I picked up my "new" estima today and have had someproblems with it already. that button was one of my questions. Thanks anyways
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