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  1. have i got the corolla where the fuel filter is with fuel tank or in the engine bay? (if so where?) thanks
  2. would u hate me if i said i prefer the red and white?
  3. well i think we have similar cars? i get about 35 to a gallon and the tank isnt very big i kno. Oddley i had a spanking new clutch as well when i bought car, but im afraid i cant help u with the revs mate.
  4. Little performance but yer why not?? something satasfying aswell. Always nice to look at aswell. lol
  5. can any of you recommend any decent brake pads for my e11?? or where to go? thanks
  6. boooooooooooooring he didnt ask about the insurance.....................
  7. ive got the same but im gonna stay away. Only thing i would suggest is tho spray them the same colour as the car. best to leave alone tbh
  8. Try and save weight. Anything unecessary should go!!! tyres pumped fully always help top end. and yeah as they said a decent air filter is the trick.
  9. FROM: TO.......................... ???? Thoughts pls mwah
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    From the album: .

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  15. hi, am slowely 'doing up my rolla' and just fiited some 6 by 9's. A new stereo has been installed and i want to know weather the standard car wiring affects the sound attal?? because they just dont sound that loud and i know they are louder. Do i need to run a thicker wire or better wire through the car?? thanks
  16. From the album: .

  17. hi can i have 205 / 40/ 17 tires or has it got to be 215?? if some1 could get back 2 me thanks
  18. Has any1 got a g6 front grille for sale?? thanks
  19. Remove some weight, i.e spare wheel back seats etc performance air filter? correct tyre inflation, and weight yer
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