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  1. Hi, can anyone shed some light on a very annoying problem.

    I recently bought a 1997 Corolla 1.6gs 3 dr. 35000 miles on the clock(genuine)

    Have had a service and new clutch fitted before purchase.

    Problem is, starting off is a pain, jerky, and the revs die when slowing. I also only get 230 miles to afull tank if I am lucky.

    Has anyone else experienced similar problems?

    Is that sort of mileage common for other people with the same car.

    Any help or idea's would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Stokesy.

    well i think we have similar cars? i get about 35 to a gallon and the tank isnt very big i kno. Oddley i had a spanking new clutch as well when i bought car, but im afraid i cant help u with the revs mate.

  2. hi, am slowely 'doing up my rolla' and just fiited some 6 by 9's. A new stereo has been installed and i want to know weather the standard car wiring affects the sound attal?? because they just dont sound that loud and i know they are louder.

    Do i need to run a thicker wire or better wire through the car?? thanks :huh:

  3. ok basicaly ive been challenged to a run down the pod by a mk3 golf 1.4 8v will my 1989 corolla 1.3 12v stand up to it and how can i make it quicker ??? with out doing major engine work

    Remove some weight, i.e spare wheel back seats etc :thumbsup:

    performance air filter? correct tyre inflation, and weight yer

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