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  1. I had an LPG car and it was great. Just make sure it's had a proper conversion with multi point injection that runs from the vehicles original ECU. A lot of the older conversions (around the age of the vehicle your looking at) simply had a pipe that fed gas into the air intake via a solenoid. They're pretty crude, unreliable and dangerous. Plenty of backfiring too.......can blow your whole air intake to bits if not carefull. If it's proper multi point injection it should be fine but worth doing some research.
  2. Same here.......tow a 3 tonn cherry picker regular and never had problem......... Can you get the 4.0V6 over here or is it an import? Like the site you linked the SR-V a foreign Hilux? Looks like a Hilux.
  3. We can't get those engine options over here...........i think the 200bhp 3.0l Diesel is the biggest.....bit pants really.....wish we had the 4.0l V6........get it gassed and your off! Nice looking truck.
  4. Fair enough mate....i stand corrcted:-)
  5. Make sure you have genuine paperwork for the cambelt........i've bought several cars and been told the belt had been changed.........whipped the cover off and it was obvious it hadn't.......peugeot 306 XSI twin cam is a bit of a bugger to do but managed it!
  6. Mk6 Hilux's are 3.0 litre. There was a chip for sale on here but it's gone.....wish i'd logged in more often as i'd have bought it myself if i'd seen it.
  7. Hammerite is pretty pants for rust'd need to remove all of the rust and put a good coat of decent paint on it....not worth the hassle in my'll be 90yrs old before the rust becomes a problem underneath.
  8. Nice......Good choice......wish i got 28mpg towing.......i average around 25.5mpg with nothing on the back.....maybe my right foot is a little heavier than yours!
  9. I'd second what Andy said.....your engine will be goosed. Possible damaged parts are: Rockers/followers Valves Pistons Head Guides Pull the head off and look'll soon spot the damaged items. Not cheap either.......replacement engine maybe cheaper if it's buggered everything.
  10. Not could be......injector noise would make better sense because if it was the prop shaft is see no reason why it would improve with engine temp whereas this injector knocking would. It's a difficult noise to basically sounds like the really old diesel know the old diesel completely dissapears when the engine is upto temp................i'm sure it didn't do it when i bought only seemed to start happening when the weather got colder.
  11. For the first five mins of driving my 2007 Hilux i get a rattle from the prop shaft. Once the engine has warmed up it dissapears.......i've never though anything of it but lately i'm sure it's getting's going in for a service next week so i can get it worted if it's a problem but i thought i'd ask you guys if you have the same thing and if it's normal or not?
  12. shouldn't imagine it could be the head gasket.....your heater would still work unless there's absolutely no water in it. Just sound like the water isn't'll be the pump.
  13. Hi there, We have a couple of cherry pickers......we have a truck mounted AL22 on a Merc Atego 7.5 tonn truck. It has a horizontal reach of 17m and vetical of 22m. The other one i mentioned earlier is a Spider RQG 18 on has an outreach of 11m and vetical of 18m. It folds up to fit through a 900mm gap. Runs on diesel or electric and can be used undoor aswell as out. Both machines are available for hire and come with an IPAF trained driver/operator. We don't hire for self drive. Based in Leeds.
  14. Yeah but only to get around the tacograph issue, it pulls 3000kg no problem..............i won't tell if you don't anyway.
  15. Hilux 2007 175bhp Invincible = 25-26mpg