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  1. Tazza

    My New Toy

    haha cheers for the replies! Yeah it was a bargain, I think the guy must of thought filling up your steering fluid, sorting out wires for headlight retractor motor and clipping front splitter was a big job or something! Thats all Ive had to sort out!
  2. Tazza

    My New Toy

    I wouldnt bother with Toyota go to a independent specialist! Such as Falcon Securities 9, Tanning Court, Warrington, Cheshire WA1 2HF Tel: 01925 241105 http://www.falcon-security.com/cgi-bin/retail/merchant.cgi
  3. Tazza

    My New Toy

    Cheers, I love the colour I think it is called Cornflower blue from a discussion on other MR2 forum, its similar to the colour find on Audi's and VW's. Just need them 225/50/15's on rear, 205/50/15's on front and clear front lenses :)
  4. Tazza

    My New Toy

    Well bought another MR2 yesterday after not owning one since Jan its a Rev 2 1993 G-Limited, its only done 53,000 miles, Full MOT, 15" Compomotive Motorsport rims with new tyres, HKS Induction Kit :D Got it for £1900 so was a a bargain, needed a few bits and bobs that ive done today so all good. Really needs bigger tyres though so sorting that ASAP! The mods I want to add are clear front lenses, leather/alacantra seats, momo steering wheel, chrome gear surround, rev 3 rear lights, gearknob and that will do for now! I forgot how powerful MR2's are and how fun they are to drive :P
  5. Black wheels look best when they are split rim and have polished outer rim, much more agressive, better looking and proper jap style like these babies on ebay :D Look better on black cars aswell, gives it that stealth look! I would get rid of black bonnet and get some split rims http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...item=7948391348
  6. Get a custom one made :D I know Urban Racing in Warrington will make one to your needs and you can even design it yourself and choose how loud you want it :P They use very good quality steel and you choose the tailpipe design you want by choosing one from the Tiger product range I had one done for £280 fitted, full stainless steel from the downpipe, sounds very nice ;) http://urban-racing.com/
  7. Tazza

    Derby Meet

    Hi Dale, My girlfriend lives in ponte and a few times now she has seen your car and thought it was me paying her a surprise visit as I live in Warrington unless there is another Zircon Blue MR2 in ponte lol Also wondered why random strangers always wave at me when driving around ponte/featherstone :D
  8. Tazza

    Mr2 Help

    Yeah could be that the alternator has packed in, my MR2 slowly died when the alternator was its way out then when it died the whole car was dead!! Fixed now though :D
  9. Hi mate, I'm not sure if a 91 Rev 1 would fit a Rev 2? Anyone on here help me out?
  10. My girlfriend who lives in Pontefract always uses D.J Whitcombe on Ponteract Road. He is very honest and even helped me out when my alternator died, fitted one the next day and let me off for payment for few weeks whilst i got money together as my g/f family always use him. He knew quite abit about MR2'S so he would be the man for your job :D D.J Whitcombe 68a, Pontefract Rd, Featherstone, Pontefract, West Yorkshire WF7 5HG Tel: 01977 700393
  11. As my MOT is due and i know my suspension is knackered thought would be worth a try to see if anyone has any standard suspension they may have removed to fit aftermarket suspension, full struts inc springs for front and rear, my car is a 1992 UK MR2. Cheers, Craig
  12. I'm getting dejavu (spelling) lol sure i saw this post on other forum lol
  13. have to love the M3 though, awesome machine!
  14. anyone got any used tubby suspension they dont need??
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