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  1. jimlad, i had the same problem on my turbo, and when i sold it to a bloke who imports them all the time. As soon as he got in the car he tugged on the seat belts and they didnt work he said they was a common problem on the imports i havent a clue what causes this tho. sorry mate.
  2. leeky 1994 supra tt with 40000miles on the clock in good nick, £8995 is this about right can i get newer or older ones for this money.
  3. Also to add that i know its a forum and it is for people who have problems and advise but the supra has a very lot of people having problems than advise, THANKS
  4. yeah, im looking at the mak3 tt, and you can buy them allday long, what made you think there wasnt many in the country, i thought they was sold here in england wasnt they? also my dad has the soarer tt and i must say it was a lovely car, but not for me im looking at a supra now chaps and im still not sure how much to pay for a nice one, the car is £8995 with 40000miles is this the going rate. its the same as leekys
  5. if your having trouble selling cars then put them on ebay, i sold my mr2 turbo on there within 1 hour.
  6. I imported a mr2 turbo about 7 months ago and they charged me £580 just for the shipping and then the rest on top. it worked out a lot more than i thourght.
  7. yeah sorry chaps, im looking at a mk3 model twin turbo and do you know what they are like on petrol, and insurance, my mr2 turbo was a great little car and i loved it, but i had a supra twin turbo for a weekend and that was it the mr2 went up for sale, Im looking at a early model any ideas how much Im looking at for a nice one.
  8. I have just sold my mr2 turbo and would love to buy a supra, but im doing some research on them a they seem a cracking car. But when i look on your topic title all i can see it supra owners say that they have problems,are they a reliable cars or do you have to have a lot of money to make them reliable. thanks sporty.
  9. sorry chaps but i did say that it was going on ebay, and it sold within 1 hour, thanks dont worry i looking out for a supra.
  10. all the info is on the other mr2 turbo for sale in the for sale section,also the pictures, i am half way through puting the car on ebay and i know it will sell for what im asking for. sorry im from basildon in essex. thanks
  11. sorry i did'nt put a contact number it is 07940103375
  12. sporty

    Look Here!

    mr2 turbo for sale £2100 see for sale section for info.
  13. mr2 turbo for sale £2100 see for sale section for info.
  14. I have had a mr2 turbo for sale on here for a week or 2, due to change in curcumstances i will take £2100 and I thought I would give the members on here the chance to see first, but it will be advertised soon elsewhere. Thanks
  15. yes it has aircon and is in good working order.
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