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  1. The same issue has started for me, seems to be the rear left sensor is being triggered somehow. Anyone got any tips what can be done? My initial thoughts is some WD40 to the seatbelt recepticle, might give it a go if I get no replies.
  2. Hello David For my installation, the centre console roof light assembly was held in place by 4 pop clips. They take a bit of force to pop off, an ice scraper helped me pry it off (see photo's below). Hopefully Toyota have not changed the design, can't think why they would. I have re-inserted the photos as they seem to have been turned into URL links in my old post above.
  3. Thanks everyone, Svetoslav is correct, the red plastic square, shown in this photo, peels off to reveal a white 3M sticky pad. The camera is easily removed from the vehicle as it is designed like a DLSR camera shoe and slides away when the USB cable is unplugged. There is a good review of it here: LINK
  4. Frostbite-UK

    Auris Dashcam Installation

    Auris Dashcam Installation
  5. Finally finished the installation of my Ambarella A7LA50 dashcam, so I thought I'd post the information I gathered along the way. Hopefully this will help someone in the future. I was looking for a neat and tidy installation, so wanted it mounted at the top centre of the windscreen for the best view. I also wanted it hidden from general view from the inside and outside, but still easily accessible. Finally after a little playing around I decided I could fit it behind the rear view mirror whilst leaving enough space for mirror adjustment. Next problem was getting power and having the power switched off with the ignition, I didn't want recording to continue 24/7 and flatten the battery. I needed to tap into the cabling somehow and the upper central console looked a good source. After a visit to a Toyota Garage for some tips in removing the light, I discovered it was just a matter of ensuring there were no bolts/screws holding it up by checking behing the light lenses (none found) and then levering the console out until the clips popped out. You can see here that my unit is just held in place the four pop clips (2 blue & 2 white clips in photo). Best method is to use a long thin plastic prise tool to lever it out, however I improvised with an ice scraper. The connecting cables are easily unplugged. From eBay I purchased a 12v DC to 5v DC converter with a micro USB plug on the end, suitable for running my dashcam.(£3.58 inc postage from a UK supplier) and also a few wire taps and spade connectors to spur off the power from the existing cabling in the roof lining.(£3.15 inc postage from a UK supplier) - Also known as T-Tap or ScotchLok Using a meter and probes I found that the black and white wire was common ground/negative and a blue wire had a 12v supply which was cut with the ignition (perfect!) These wires powered my rear view mirror auto anti-dazzle, so shouldn't cause a problem tapping into that. Press on the connectors onto the wires (using pliers), crimp the spade connectors onto the power adapter and plug in. Nice and easy, no soldering. After plugging it all in and routing the USB cable down the side of the mirror trunking, it was just a simple case of popping the centre light console back. Easy peasy, looks neat and works great!30 minute job from start to finish (including taking photos!)
  6. Thanks for the info and warnings about voltage guys, I did know about the 5v input rating on the device and will be using a wired step down solution. I'm no closer to getting into the roof lining however, I might need a trip to a workshop for some tips.
  7. Quite a timely thread, my first dashcam got delivered to me today, so I'm asking myself similar questions. I have a 2014 Auris Touring Sports Elite and I'm looking at placing the camera behind my rear view mirror (or in front, depending upon your perspective!). This would mean that the camera has a high and central view of the road, however I need to get a feed from the central lighting console in the ceiling. My first problem is getting in there! I want to remove the lighting module but need to know where to attack first. Anyone have access to any workshop manual for this new car model?
  8. I need a good independent Toyota specialist in the West Midlands too as I have a Yaris that needs looking at. Who did you use in the end?
  9. Did you fix your boot lock problem? I think I have the same problem and the lock/sync fix mentioned here didn't work for me either. The boot was working fine until I pressed the button at the same time my wife locked the car. :(
  10. Hi I got exactly the same problem. Central locking and manual operation with the key will not open the boot, it is stuck shut. Just like yourself, I pressed the boot release button, just as my wife locked the car. The button just presses in now an nothing happens. Have you found the cause? Got it fixed yet? Any pointers for me? Thanks AL (Yaris W 2000)
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