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  1. Thanks for the replies. No lights on the dash at all and will check air filter box and pipes tomorrow. When its sitting in idle the needle is very up and down. When driving and you go to clutch in and brake the rev needle drops way down and the car cuts out.
  2. Spark plugs were changed last week. Running rough all the time, told them about the idle speed control and they think its either that or the throttle body. Starting to wreck my head at this stage!
  3. Hi folks, My corolla at the moment is stalling when press clutch in. It doesn't stall all the time but the revs fall way down every time. Its going back to the garage tomorrow for third time, first time they changed spark plugs and second time they said nothing was wrong with it. Any ideas?? Its a '99 G6R.
  4. I have had one for the last 4 years and must say they are a great wee car. Had no problems with it all and they are quite nippy. They are pretty light already if you get a standard one with the light weight bonnet and alloys. Think they would make a great track day car alright On motor way speeds you'll get good enough mpg, can't remember what I got the last time I checked as it rarely gets on a motorway over here!! Around town they are not so good, if you put your foot down at all it will drink the stuff.
  5. Yea I luv the bug eye prob my 2nd fave version of the corolla thats why I bought one :D
  6. Hi David welcome, What ya looking to know??
  7. Hey, Thought I was seeing things when this post came up!! Yea still looking for some. What kind of condition are they in?? any pics?? And the important question, how much you looking for them??
  8. Poorboy's Wheel Sealant, 3 coats of it should see you right and top it up as needed
  9. Don't know if its the same over there but insurance in Ireland is going up this year and they are giving the bad weather in the winter as the reason i.e more crashes more claims.
  10. freezer


    Have you got any for sale??
  11. They are rare. There was 420 of them made and came in either red or black. They came with a few extras. If they are the orignal wheels they are worth keeping they are so hard to get second hand ones. New ones from Toyota are very pricey. Any pics of yours???
  12. The auto glym stuff is good I use some of their products. I use a ton of different products on mine. Will try to remember them all. Meguiars for waxs and clays. Bilberry for my wheels (as its non acidic and smells nice 2). Dodo juice and Britemax for my shampoo. Dodo juice for pre cleaner. Tyre gloss called I4D. Inside I wud use Maguiars again for shampoo and Britemax for my dashes. For my windows use auto glym fast glass and for the rubber seals I use 1Z Gummi Pflege which is amazing. Thats all i can think of at the moment
  13. freezer


    Thanks, u need to get pics up of urs....
  14. They said the g6r needs a special kind any1 know if its true???
  15. I got a price from my local auto factors for €70 for the pollen filter. Is this over priced?? I thought it was a bit steep
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