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  1. fuller

    my corolla

    18 " o.z racing superleggera wheels K & N typhoon indution kit apex lowering springs
  2. hi, hoping someone can help me, i was woundering wat the e11/e12 was and wat my car would be ? my car is a 04 corolla t3 cheers
  3. i have a pannel filter already im just board of it lol but thanks anyway
  4. hi nice car, i was just wounderin wat springs you have used and were about you got them from thanks sam
  5. It wont be a stall but more of a stand, all it will be is our cars sitting together as a group, showing them off. You dont need to bring your car to the stand, just come over and meet folk. Im sure whether or not you bring your car you will be welcome. But im looking at it in the way of parking inside, you dont have to walk miles to the entrace as your already in. Matt sounds really good is the group more your friends then, it would be pritty cool to be on the stand as i am doin a few bit to me car and would be nice to see what people think, but either way i dont mind. thanks sam
  6. hi, i am thinking of get the typhoon induction kit for my corolla in the next couple of weeks, just wanted peoples apinoin on it, is it werth the money, can u notice the difference in performance. thanks sam
  7. hi, i am thinking of goin wasnt to sure if i should put me name down, wat sort of stall are you thinking of doin, if i put me name down i dont have to do a stall do i, hope thats not a stuopid question lol thanks sam
  8. yeah i think im goin would be cool to see some other corollas there
  9. fuller

    my car

    my toyota corolla
  10. just got a toyota corolla t3 1.4 vvti so thought i would join :)
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