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  1. Thats only with a pro driver at the wheel, I dont think I could operate a manual quicker than my auto changes. Just put your foot down and use the hands for steering. Truly brilliant, and it does seem to judge when you are going for it. The Auto will do 140mph in 3rd so doesn't really need to change much. As for insurance, you might find a TT will be cheaper, as they are more common. worth asking the question.
  2. You can get clear repeaters from Toyota, there fitted to the corolla or simular car. same shape size fitment everything. You just need to find out whic model or you can get a set from after market companies for about £30ish
  3. Not personally my think but I belive some guys have got a stick on kit from the real walnut dash company. Or if your really keen Toyota actually did a proper carbon fiber look dash, or wood effect.. But I think that would take the help of a good importer to source the real mc-coy.
  4. i'd be intrested in second hand skirts if there not taken
  5. I'm intrested, fairly close to home. I can try and drum up more business from the supra club.
  6. Dimensions (mm) Length 4,520 Width 1,810 Height 1,275 Wheelbase 2,550 Track (front/rear) 1,520/1,525 Ground Clearance 130 Taken from supra spec (Newzealand supras) Very useful site when buying a supra. It lists all the chassis number against dates etc...
  7. timwildman

    N/a Supra

    Performance is not bad they always keep up well at supra club meets, they seem to drink a bit more though. When being pushed like a TT. I get the impression insurance is more for an import NA, than an import TT. Thats insurance companies for you.
  8. Alot of what you want comes down to personal prefrence. The best thing to do is test drive both. Cost wise a NA will be a little bit less to buy. Running costs are not all that diffrent, unless you like driving fast then a TT is better on the fuel, but NA insurance is more that TT. The reliability of both is super, unless the car is modded. There are very few un-prevoked failures in both models. The only big problems with the TT's are the turbos, and only when pushed beond there design boost level. Go to the MKIVsupra.net link below. do a search and most of your questions will be answered. Tim
  9. Pop over to the MKIV web site theres lots of info on there (Link below). Nice to see another supra owner in town. I'm sure if you ask you can get yourself a second hand airbox. Which with a after market filter will be as good as you need for the na. The best sounding mod is a NUR spec-r exhaust. But not if you want to be friends with your neighbours
  10. If you get unburnt fuel in a yaris, with it's cats in, and standard ecu, you are in trouble..
  11. Can't agree more. could make you a member of the lax power boys though :(
  12. Hmm might be intrested, not defo though. I've got an exam the week after so need to study :( so I'll decide closer to the day.
  13. Errr, the rear tyres are the only thing that wear out quickly :P Everything else is supa good. The gear box can apparently sometimes sound a bit clunky, this is a know thing. The auto and triptronic boxes are the same, just slightly diffrent electronic control on them all in all a very good auto. with very few, if any unproveked failures. Check out mkivsupra.net soom very good info, just do a search
  14. £25 for a tank full i wish. Congrats on the car. Like the others say very good car i love driving my girlfriends 1lr yaris, and even the little engine is nippy. It's managed not to give in, even with all the punishment she gives it :D I'm sure you'llhave nothing but enjoyable motoring
  15. I use toyo proxies T1-S, I think there very good. The supra people seem to think T1-S, goodyear F1's, and SO-3's are the 3 top choices. Most going for the F1's, & SO-3's. They have good wear/ wet performance.
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