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  1. Going to be moving soon so if anyone is interested drop me a message
  2. Hey, Clearing out the garage, got some corolla t sport bits and other bits for sale.....(Hampshire) my wife is in charge of selling the stuff so message her on Facebook market place please. unfortunatly sold my t sport so not on here really any more until I get my next project. T sport suspension springs https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/173703363314693 Tsport back box with 1.4/1.6 flange https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1813251862305154 Oil temp and pressure gauges https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1839015913067609 10" sub not been used https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/468234963597699
  3. I didn't fit it i took it to a garage as i could be bothered to do it myself Could it be out of adjustment or they didn't clean it down before fitting? just need some ideas never had any clutch problems in the past
  4. the squeak isn't pedal or linkage related it sounds the like clutch its self
  5. its not related to the pedal movement its when I'm moving slowly over a speed bump and it engages and squeaks
  6. Hey I have just had my clutch changed on my T sport now i have a really annoying squeak every time i pull off any one got any ideas? Thanks Phil
  7. Got loads of jap car mags going free if anyone wants them if not going to bin them. I'm in Cambridge if you want them let me know.
  8. Hi all got loads of past issue banzai magazines if any on wants them give me a shout.
  9. Thinking of selling my t sport it's 2002 with 93000 miles how much could I get for it.
  10. Hi all any one want a load of banzai mags? If so drop me a message
  11. Well I've had the gear box stripped and 6th gear and a few other bits are battered!
  12. Hi all my tsport keeps jumping out of 6 th gear it will only stay in when no power is applied so just coasting in 6th as soon as you hit the accelerator even a small amount it jumps out of gear! Any ideas on what the problem is? And how do I fix it? Thanks
  13. I was think about doing that this summer never got around to it was going to make a custom airbox so the bonnet vent goes straight into the air box. As much cold air as the engine wants.
  14. Descaler will melt any plastic pipes. I'm a aircraft engineer and we have problems with the hot water systems sometimes and we can't use descaled in the system due to plastic parts and seals. May not be the same for the heater matrix but I would be very careful
  15. I've noticed my engine has got quite a loud tapping noise was going to get it checked over. But it's running fine and lift is all good now. Is there a known problem with the t sport valve train or bottom end?
  16. Looking for a e12 strut brace for my 2002 t sport. Any one got one they want to sell give me a pm
  17. Yeh I saw you! Car needs abit of a wash but that was me.
  18. I've got a t sport back box will need a pipe welding on for your 1.6 but I have a 1.6 flange to go with it as well drop me a pm if your intrested.
  19. So is there or isn't there toc stickers available?
  20. Correct me if I'm wrong but arnt they ford focus st alloys? Or at least replicas?
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