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  1. The problem has been sorted - it was an expensive fix but I am pleased with the result. The wife went out and bought a new Mazda 2 1.5 Sport with every goodie on it except leather and heated seats which are not on offer. So the Yaris has been sold - been fault free for eight years - I changed oil and filter every 6k miles - 15 min job but worth it in my opinion - oil is always clean and car runs well - started every time first time - no smoke or oil loss - I replaced discs and pads at about 50k (80k now) brakes are fantastic for small car - but it's just one noisy car. Dave
  2. Think I will have to put my prices up Well done nickp8 ;) Kingo Hey..I have just bought a 2002 Yaris and the metal part of the key is wobbly, im worried it'll come out (or worse get stuck in the egnition) Its being held with tape atm, but am looking to get a new key....how do I go about this....price, what I need etc Get back to me as soon as please :) Thanks The key on wifes 2000 Yaris came loose from fob - I had a new black key cut from a Auto key specialist for about £30 - he put transponder in from fob key and cut off the old key part of fob key - just use fob as a stand alone remote. If you have the second key use that in ignition and use remote to lock and unlock till you get a new key. dave
  3. Madasafish I think there is something wrong but can't find anything - no petrol leaks that can be seen only fume smell on startup from cold - OK when warm or hot - air filter has been changed - oil -plugs - wiring plugs that can be seen have been cleaned - Diagnostic shows no faults or fault codes -- been out today and coaxed it up from 42.5 to 43.5 -- sort of trips like this in past and I could have got it up to 49-50 quite easily -- as said - once hot and reset computer I can keep it at 49/50 mpg reading all day - as soon as I do a cold start the reading starts dropping by 2mpg per cold start till it settles at around 41 - so yes I think it's over fueling on startup but "Why?" - I really need it to throw up a fault code. Dave
  4. First I would like to say hello to everyone and to say this is quite a helpful forum which brings me to why I am here. I have read 20 odd pages this morning looking for anyone with similar problem to mine but no luck so I will have to ask the question. The wife has a 2000 X reg 1.3SR bought at 3 yrs old with 20k on clock and have to be honest it has been faultless - I just give it an Italian tune up occasionally and change oil and filter every 5k miles - However over the last few months I have noticed the fuel consumption is increasing - going from a easy 46-50mpg down to 40- 42 mpg -- My observations have conclude that this problem stems from first start up and a smell of petrol fumes something I have never noticed before - when warm and just filled up at garage I reset fuel computer readout to zero and give it a 50 mile run I can easily get 50 mpg -- start up next morning (cold) and do a 10 mile round trip and it's down to 48 - next day down to 46 and so on - this has never happened before so I know something is up -- I got local Autotune man round and he connected his gear up and found no fault codes (by way engine light has never been on ) - he started it from cold and no problem registered - he checked cold temp of engine to ambient temp - I watched the readouts and he pointed out the sensors work quite quick and all were in spec -- So has anyone any ideas -- checking full tank to full tank it now does 43mpg - not as much as it used to -- the tail pipe (TTi one) is clean and shiny so no sign's of running rich. Sorry for the ramble but felt needed to give as much info as possible - Perhaps it's me being paranoid I don't know but I am off now to fill tank and check again. Dave
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