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  1. Worried about my C-HR Dynamic Hybrid 1.8 MPG 

    19,800 miles 

    used 1,885.20 litres costing £2,215.35

    11.19 pence per mile fuel

    MPG average 47.7

  2. Janian august 2008 T Spirit Prius has heated mirrors brought on by screen heaters switches. Dealer service manager told me at first service.
  3. janian

    Snow And Ice

    Janian (wrinkly )Scotland New Boy to this wonderfull site. Hi! First Prius T Spirit August 08. Kirkstone pass on tuesday slushy/icy traction worked extremely well both up and back. Along with B mode on downward journey. as with previous twenty cars all have some problems. Prius _ Unheated side mirrors worst in my opinion. Keep talking.
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