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  1. You can also get these in Asda :) with arms
  2. EmmaG

    My Supra!

    I think the date of liability was the last time RFL was purchased for the vehicle. I just checked on a couple of my current cars and previous ones and this seems to be the case
  3. EmmaG

    My Supra!

    !Removed!, I just checked the DVLA and this was the details of your old car The vehicle details for A712 KRT are: Date of Liability 01 09 2000 Date of First Registration 15 06 1984 Date of Last V5 Issue 08 05 2000 Year of Manufacture 1984 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 2759CC CO2 Emissions Not Available Fuel Type Petrol Export Marker Not Applicable Vehicle Status Unlicensed Vehicle Colour BLACK
  4. It's snowing here in Essex
  5. EmmaG

    Uk Supra

    Yes the UK cars are quite rare, and the manual ones rarer still
  6. There is no such thing as a UK aero top, no doubt somebody has just swapped some of the bits from a UK car to a Jap aero top.
  7. You could always try JPS Motorsport based near Milton Keynes, they should be able to sort this out for you.
  8. Have you checked your rear lights, as code 42 is also the code for faulty rear lights. It is more likely as Martin said to be a problem with your speedo converter. You need to get this checked out by somebody who knows what they are looking for. Whereabouts are you?
  9. EmmaG

    Help Needed...

    I have got a couple of pictures of the Toyota Rally MKIII Supra (year 87). If you want them PM me your email address.
  10. I know of a very nice UK 6 Speed Supra for sale. However the car has got a few miles on it (136k) and the current owner has owned it for 7 years. If you are interested in the car PM me.
  11. Looking very good!! They look far better than the fibreglass copies :)
  12. EmmaG

    Sqeaky Boot

    have you checked the rubber rear hatch stops?, sometimes this can be the cause of a lot of rattles/noise
  13. Sorry to hear about the incident Blue84, have a nice bath and a glass of wine and try and forget about the mad woman! She will do it one day to the wrong person and then some Karma will be dished out. Another good tip if somebody is driving too close, just keep your windscreen washer on, this has worked a few times for me in the past, once their car gets a bit wet they seem to back off. Lets hope she never pulls a stunt like that on sombody like me, if I was driving the Yaris and somebody boxed me in like that I would repeatedly open my door VERY hard onto theirs, then jump out of the passengers side door and go completely mental, the Yaris I drive everyday is a company car, and whilst I would hate to cause any damage to it, I know my boss would understand if somebody did that to me and agree on my actions. I am a fairly relaxed driver, but I can be very hot headed if I see red and somebody is causing me grief. Once when somebody blatantly opened their car door onto my car (causing damage) I had an argument with the lady, grabbed hold of her wing mirror and wrenched it off. Oppps!! She was very mistaken if she thought I was going to ignore what she did to my car! She never apologised which I think was the worst bit, her attitude was like "so what". :ffs: However I think age has mellowed me a bit and it is far far better not to get into situations like that in the first place.
  14. EmmaG

    Petrol Tank

    Hi Bibbs, Thanks for that mega speedy response.
  15. EmmaG

    Petrol Tank

    Hi, Does anybody know approx how many miles you have left when the petrol light starts to flash? This is for a 1.3 Yaris Thanks