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  1. Ta for the replies, will leave it with you as this is my last post on here, thanks for all your help over the years! Paul.
  2. Would it not be a good idea to have a mod for each of the car sections being voted in by the members of each section to last say 1 year?
  3. So may I ask why they was not just closed? Thats what normally happens.
  4. Well just got 2 topic reply emails to find the topics have disappeared
  5. Well know where we can sleep when we come up to see Rachel & the little one.. :P
  6. REPENT SINNER!! :P Been looking to get a set for ages, on a "2" they look the dogs :censor:
  7. Should not the title be " IS JIM NUTS"?? :P Should start a poll!! :D
  8. Really sorry to hear about this Rach, Hope things work out for you over the next year!! Christine & Paul.
  9. Look here you tight :censor: Lookie again!! :P :P Think you will find that was Rachel :D By all account you just stood there :D
  10. £400 is decent, but wouldn't buy a Matsuia... or whatever it is!!... lol. What you want for afew quid ?????????? :P Can't you tell your from up there :P :P
  11. RIGHT HERE YOU GO: Was £549.99 Now £399.00 YOU Save £150. :P Lookie here!! :D :D
  12. & A Happy N ew Y ear 2007 Sincerely wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas this holiday season. Hope the new year will bring peace, luck and success to you! From Christine & Paul.
  13. Sorry XMAS is CANCELLED.. saw Santa get beat up last night at our works do!!
  14. Tegan thats the plan now going to find out how it comes of knew we would lose the s/wheel, Rash will see you about the wheel :D got to go back to Oldham for the rest of our works do (hope this is readable can't see alot at the mo)
  15. Full, Black, took them out for recaros when we went over to italy, didn't want to leave our skin on them when we got out the heat was unreal over there.
  16. Got a set up in the loft took them out of the white one, was in good nic when we put them up there.
  17. Liked the look of that! Then I saw the doors..
  18. Are you looking for a pair Andy?
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