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  1. bar

    Gear Oil

    yo peeps what gearbox oil does the 94/99 celica 3sge take?its the import superstrut and thought it was 75/90 myself but cant remember help appreciated :)
  2. bar


    i had clutch changed not long ago and noticed today that the seal on th o/s fron the driveshaft to the gearbox is split and makin a nice gear oil mess. anyone now the cheapest place to get this seal?? :)
  3. bar

    Fuel Fil

    hurray finally bak on line right can anyone tell me wher the fuel filter is located on the gt 202 94/99 ss2? :D
  4. bar


    think i might of asked this before but do the trd spats for the front of a 94/99 gt4 fit the st 202 94/99 bumper? cheers
  5. bar


    right changed my bulb and has bben fine since sat.seems to have blown the same bulb again today whch is the rear stop. guessing something is shorting somewhere.
  6. bar


    nice 1 booster.started panicking when that came on.am i right in thinking to change rear bulbs u have to undo the bolts on the pins and remove the whole cluster?
  7. bar


    hi guys what does the signal of a car with lines behind it mean when its lit up on the dash on the st 202 94/99?
  8. bar

    Fog Light

    cheers anyways dude.such a pain as only need the lense.might email som1 breaking one on ebay or sumin
  9. bar

    Fog Light

    due too a very clumbsy accident yesterday im now left with a cracked front bumper and smashed glass on my passenger side fog light. ino theses babys are quite expensive but wondared if anyone nows where i could buy jst da glass if u can.fog light still works fine its for the st 202 94 99. :)
  10. bar

    Fuel Filter

    yea i think the dizzy and rotor i put on couple months agao was blueprint so dont no what im worrying about really. jap parts works out abit cheaper but then the postage ads on the diffrence
  11. bar

    Fuel Filter

    i can get new fuel filter from my local revs store.thing is its a bluprint part.what do u guys think of blueprint because someone said there parts are not too good???
  12. bar

    Fuel Filter

    yea dude done the arm with the cap.guess worth changing then
  13. bar

    Fuel Filter

    i find that my celica feels kinda jumpy its not that bad but its had new dizzy cap and plugs n leads also clutch is nice and new and was just thinking maby try the fuel filter.car is a 1994 so if its never been changed maby it could do with it.surely a dirty fuel filter would cause abit of jumpyness??like i said its not that bad but enough to notice if you no what i mean
  14. bar

    Fuel Filter

    was thinkin the other day i wonder if my fuel filter should need a change.how often is it recomended to change them?on any age of car as ive never really thought about it
  15. bar


    cool mate cheers
  16. bar


    yo does anyone now if the celica imports 94 99 have the same headlight bulb fitments as the european?? im guessing they should be the same but not sure. looking to buy a xzenon upgrade kit
  17. cheers dude .live in devon mate.it is nice and peaceful down here most the time
  18. i agree.sounds like its a tooth out or maby more
  19. bar


    if anything mate i would say thats your problem
  20. http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u157/ma...6984/car012.jpg http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u157/ma...6984/car013.jpg http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u157/ma...6984/car006.jpg http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u157/ma...6984/car010.jpg
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