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  1. My second question - if I decide to buy a factory Toyota am/fm radio / cd player on ebay or craigslist, for example, and swap out the old am/fm cassette unit, will the replacement fire right up or will I need some security code from the original vehicle? If I need a security code, will any Toyota dealer help me with this? Scott
  2. Just bought an immaculate 2000 Tundra 40,000 miles 6 cylinder. Has original factory am/fm cassette player (type 2). It has several controls on it that suggest a cd changer can be hooked up. Is there wiring already in place that I can't find? I figured there may be a connector tucked away behind the bench seat somewhere but I can't find anything. Or do I need to purchase a Toyota factory cd changer that will have wiring, and plugs into the rear of the stereo unit? I'm getting tired of listening to my old John Cafferty tapes. Scott
  3. yes they are on the sides, towards the rear of the vehicle
  4. Ok how do I get to the connector to plug my new rear marker light in (both sides) ?? Scott
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