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  1. 104k . think I might have sorted it .. Air box wasn't clipped on filter seal properly . will keep u all informed .. Thanx for the replies .
  2. Hi . no lights on . cars running fine . changed fuel filter when noise started . I.ve had dmf fail in the past / don't think its that .
  3. Hello Steven. 2. Litre is a can belt 2.2 is a can chain Hope that helps.
  4. Hi everyone . can anyone shed some light on my rattle. When I accelerate (usually in low gears) the engine rattles till if I back off the revs between gear change . think it sounds like injector noise . it started happening suddenly but it has not affected the performance at all. Thanks Andy.
  5. My local diesel specialist keeps them in stock , so might suggest its common problem .
  6. Got car back today . Had snapped an injector clamp , as thought , now seems fine ... does any one know if this is a common problem ?
  7. Thanks for that, might not be so bad . .... looked terminal at first ... had it towed away this morning , just waiting for call from garage .
  8. Hi all . My 2006 2.2 d4d has suddenly dropped onto 3 cylinders . Fuel and exhaust fumes are coming out from number injector 2 and the injector is moving , has anyone had this problem. ... looks expensive :-):-):-):-):-)
  9. Hi . its a richbrook black leather and silver 5/6 speed gear stick knob . its £29 .99.
  10. There is a nice replacment gear knob available on amazon for about £27 . £50 is about right for genuine one . The chrome tends to come off the genuine ones .
  11. thanks for the replies . sounds like my mpg is about where it should be .
  12. Can anyone tell me what mpg I should expect from my 2006 2.2 d4d tourer . Its currently showing 43 mpg . My old mk1 2.0 d4d returned about 52 mpg .
  13. Thanx for that . i,ll have a look .
  14. Hello mate its not a full screen , its just the top of dash multi display unit .
  15. Can anyone tell me where the sat nav dvd drive unit is located in my 2006 tourer . Many thanks .
  16. Hi every one and a merry xmas . can anyone shed some light . my sat nav illuminates intermitantly . most of the time its ok , but sometimes not . its a 2006 t3s tourer . cheers.
  17. andye

    Oil Leak

    Hi igor . ive taken anothe picture to try to make it more cleear . the oil is leaking from the round plastic part at the end opposite the plug . ive been doing some reserch and i think its a vacuum switching valve . but if it has failed would this cause it to vent oil onto radiator or could there be another problem . cheers andrew .
  18. andye

    Oil Leak

    hi igor . its the component bolted to the radiator with the blue electrical plug and a small rubber tube going to what i think is the throttle housing , in the picture it has a plastic bag on the end to catch the oil . thanks andrew .
  19. andye

    Oil Leak

    hi . can anyone tell my what the small unit is ive pictured and why its leaking oil onto my radiator . cheers
  20. Hi everyone and a happy new year . Can anyone shine some light on a small problem i have with oil vapour venting from a small unit which is clipped to tha rad on my 02 avensis d4d . the unit is about 25mm square with a aprox 25mm plastic cylinder on the end and a small rubber hose going to what i think is the throttle housing . thanks,
  21. Hello buddy . When my dmf was in the early stages of failure i noticed a rattling coming from the flywheel on tick over . It also developed a noise when accelerating in a high gear , sounded like a ford escort with a k&n filter fitted .
  22. i changed my dmf on my 02 d4d to a solid flywheel about £400 for whole job . used a carina flywheel .hope this helps .
  23. hello buddy , i,m sure the perts are available to fit a solid flywheel . i done mine 2 years ago cost £400 for flywheel and cluch assy . had no probs with it . dmf,s are to weak and costly .
  24. any ideas any one . now and then my brake pedal feels hard and the brake efficiency reduced on my 02 d4d .
  25. thanx foe the help . spring does seem a bit weak . some times pedal isnt returning fully . i.m have a good look at it and try lubeing up the linkages etc .
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