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  1. Hi hachi roku, I can say the AE86 does have some problems due to its advanced age especially its chasis may have rust. You have some structural damage on your rear tailend. Your engine is an original 4age motor RWD but it shd be a 86kw engine. Based on appearance. I am assuming it is a early model (83-84) GTV model with no power steering. Finding rims for AE86 is unusually difficult especially with the correct offset. Engine wise you may have to get a mechanic to look at the condition especially if it has been trashed. Gearbox wise I am assuming it is still running on the original T50 gearbox and by now... a 20yr old box that may need some rebuilding. Ditto for the engine. AE86s are difficult to find parts ... especially JDM parts. Lastly, I believe that the LSD may be worn but may need a replacement. Heaps to do if you are into mods else a brillant car to drive. You can email me if you have any queries or need any parts simkevin@hotmail.com
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