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  1. I am planning on getting a gt4 but at the moment i use my car everyday to and from work,50mile round trip 6 days a week.I got rid of a twin turbo gto 350+bhp for this car,and owned 5 scoobies,evo 5 with 500bhp,big spec cosworths too so dont worry i know my turbo stuff.Where does the manifold and cams and that? want to see 200+bhp
  2. Hi all just need some help and advice on getting more power out of my st202 gt 2.0 16v(173bhp) uk model.It has a cat bk system on at the moment but what else and where can i get more tuning bits for it.All advice and help will be great
  3. and another newbie from sunny scotland.
  4. Ok just got my gt but need to lower it,so does anybody have a set of lowering springs for a 96 gt st202 celica?
  5. Hi all well i'm a newbie who just got a celica gt st202,and i must say that first toyota to and i think its great.
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