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  1. How do I change the number plate bulb ona Toyotoa Corolla 1998 Reg Hatchback? It is not clear to me how to get to the bulb holders?
  2. I usually put fully synthetic oil in my 2.0 VVti 2002 (Petrol) Avensis - using 5W/40 oil. When I went to buy this today the label said "For turbo diesels". the oil manufacturer, Castrol, recommends 5W/40 as do other places. Can I safely put the 5W/40 oil in the car if it says "For turbo diesels"
  3. How do you get the fascia panel off to get to the switch? I thought that it was a case of "pulling" the panel but it seems to be tight? Where abouts are the retaining clips?
  4. Thanks for replying. could someone tell me what the bulb should be so I can go and buy a new one?
  5. While driving at night last night I noticed that, while the rear window heater switch was illuminated at night, the hazard light switch was night. I cannot remember if this has been the case since I owned the car or not! Two questions:- a. Should it be illuminated when I turn my lights on? b. Is it easy to replace the bulb if not?
  6. I had a flat battery changed on my avenisis when I disconnected the battery there was a beeping noise for about 10 seconds. Never heard it before - where did it come from and what does it mean?
  7. My Avenis (2.0 Vtti) has done 112,000 miles and over the past six months has become irratic when idling. Ussually, when the engine is warm, and you are stationery, it will idle fine - other days though it is much differeent. Watching the rev meter the revs will drop to about the 100rpm mark (so it nearly stalls)- then the engine will rev to 2,000rpm, and gradually drop back to 100rpm - and the cycle starts over again - people must think I am reving for the sake of it! Now it is getting worse - the engine will stall as soon as you come to a stop - very good when you are half way round a roundabout! The Toytoa garage wants £500 just to look at it - something about inepsecting the internals of the engine - and told me that it may need a new engine - which at 112,000 is a bit odd! they claim it a known issue! My local garage (indpendnet) told me that he has seen this problem on an Aveniis before - and that filling up with Redex solved it. so a few questions a. How often should I put Redex in my car? Every fill up? b. does Redex do any harm? c. anyone else had similar problems?
  8. I was wondering - my Avensis now has done 100,000 miles and I was rather unimpresed with my Toyota garage last time I took it there - both in terms of cost and level of service How difficult is it to service an Avensis? Could any indepenent garage do it? What about if the engine malfunction (or what ever the light is called) comes on? Would an indpenent be able to diagonise it or would it mean a trip to franchise dealer be recquired any way!
  9. Mine did that - only thing that worked was replacing the unit in the boot. Thankfully I had an extended warrenty that paid for it though!
  10. Si are you saying I would be going faster with the 65 profile tyres compared with the 60 profile tyres? What about mpg?
  11. It has just been pointed out to me that I have had the wrong tyes on my Avensis for at least the last two years! the tyres I have got are 195/65/15 while I should have 195/60/15 Question- Why I have noticed any problems with the performence of the car with the wrong tyres??
  12. Three weeks ago, my yellow Engine Warning light came on. I took car to dealer who said it was something to do with the emissions system. I took it back the following week and they diagnosed a problem with the cat converter, which would mean having to replace it completely. This weekend, having been illuminated constantly, the light has stopped being lit up. (No the bulb has not gone!) Question is:- the car is booked in this week for the cat converter to be replaced - should I cancel or should I have it replaced anyway? The car has done 75,000 miles!
  13. I am thinking about upgrading to DAB and looking at the Revo tuner from Halfords. They say I simply plug this into the AUX input socket on my radio - I seem to recall someone saying that the system does not have one. could someone confirm if this is the case. If not, does anyone have any ideas how I can add DAB without removing the factory fitted SAT Nav unit! Thanks in advance Mark
  14. The light on my wife's S Reg Corolla came on yesterday - and stayed on. Today, the light did not ocme on. the dleaer says nothing to worry about - could be heat? It is known that a "false" alarm can sometines be trgieered. Has anyone else had the same problem?
  15. Had problem this morning that the car would not let me unlock it - no problem with battery in fob. Went half an hour later and managed to get it unlocked - by pressing fob repeatedly around car - the car only unlocked when I pressed the fob while resting keys on the bonnet. Car now fine again. Dealer says something probably jammed signal. I have three questions:- (i) As I deadlock the car is there any way into the car if this happens again? (ii) Where is the receiver situated in the car? (iii) Is this "jamming" of signal a common problem? I have a 52 plate Avensis by the way!
  16. I have an issue with my car in that it is waiting the fitting of a new oxygen sensor. (again, third one to go, at least there is only one left to blow!). While I wait for the Toyota garage to get the sensor in, is there any easy way to cancel the engine managment light on the dash (short of removing the bulb!)
  17. How many oxygen sensors is there on an Avenis? My managment light came on (again) today and Toyota dealer diagonised it as oxygen sensor. I pointed out that I had already had an oxygen sensor changed last month - the delaer says there is more than one!
  18. Had the yellow Engine Fault light on today. Dealer says it is a faulty oxygen sensor unit. Can anyone tell me what it does because the car drives the same as it has always done!
  19. Sorry, these instructions are not relevant. My radio is in a "pod" on top of dashbooard.
  20. I want to change the radio on my 1998 Corolla. (a) Can anyone tell me how you remove it from the fascia? (B) Also, what type of connectors are there to the standard radio once I have removed the radio? © I assume the radio is standard fitting?
  21. Driving about on Friday (when Uk temps were 30 C plus) and noticed that my Sat Nav kept losing my location - one occasion had me down the wrong street completely. Todaythe problem seems to have gone away - it's usual accuracy restored! Does any one els have the same problem?
  22. I do not know what the dealer did, but I took it back today as it was driving me crazy! Dealer had car for five minites, took for test drive and problem know cleared!!
  23. Had the disc brakes changed on the car - there is now a creaking noise that happens when the car gets to a standstill. Is this anything to wory about or do the brakes need time to "bed" in?
  24. Just picked my car up from garage today following 40,000 service. the dealer says that it needs a midfied steering column to solve an annoying squeak and also modifed brakes to stop brake judder. My question, is this nornmal? Yes it is was the reply. At least it is still under warrenty. Are there any other mods that members are aware of? Why has Toyota not told me about this before?
  25. Theres a TNS200 CD for sale on ebay at the moment
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