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  1. I have "wobble" when braking - as do others that own Avenis. I just learn to live with it as it does not seem to effect the brake perfomance!
  2. I had a flat tyre on way to work. I was surprised, when I lifted the cover to access the spare tyre to find that there was some water in the tyre well. There was also some water in the rear well where the jack is stored. Any ideas how the water got into the car and how to prevent it reappearing?
  3. I had to call RAC out recently - it appears that I flodded my engine by moving the car from one side of my driveway to the other. what surpirsed me was:- (i) I had to call RAC chap out. All my efforts resulted in nothing! (ii) He said "It's common in modern cars"! Any one else had such a problem? PS My car also went into bodyshop since a recent accident. I was supplied with a Yaris which i found was full of plastic, was slow, and was difficult to drive in wind due to being eaisly rocked! I'll keep with my Avensis!
  4. Yes - I suffer with a misted up windscreen! Putting the system onto Windscreen setting with Air con on always shift the steaming up.
  5. If anyone can tell us how it can be fitted - keeping SATNAV - please let us know.
  6. I had the same prolem on my Avenis - just four months old at the time. The only way it could be fixed was by replacing the switch. It seems that the springs were weak on some models.
  7. And me! I would love to add a digital radio, but do not want to lose Sat control!
  8. I had an accident with a pheseant which has left me with a broken bumper. The Toyota garage referred me to a local "approved" firm which has just quoted me a total of £356.44 + VAT! Questions I have are:- (i) The estimate included "painting the bumper". I thought that the colocr coded bumpers all came already painted. (ii) Does the quote seem resonable. (iii) How easy would it be for me to get the bumper from Toyota (or elserwhere) and paint it myself!
  9. Only "true" source is Toyota dealer - but sometimes you can find somone who is selling theirs secondhand!
  10. Yes - the information comes from lorries and bus companies - see www.itis.co.uk - who supplies info re the TMC reception. A report was published recently, which stated that Traffcimaster was better then the TMC system, but itis are currently considering a legal challange! I find that both systems have their failings - I use both systems hand in hand!
  11. It sounds like a problem with the wiring to the speaker on left hand side. The TNS system only uses the passenger side speaker for voice instructions - hence why you are probably not hearing anything. The radio/CD sontrol such as fade, balance will only effect the radio NOT the SatNAv.
  12. Does anyone have any idea what the latest disc is. I asked at my local dealer and they said latest disc is Sept 2003 - next revision Sept 2004!
  13. Mine gives odd routes sometine too! For example, yesterday (on fastest setting) it gave me a route and told me estimated time was 1 hr 45 mins. I then chnaged the setting to shortest route and it gave me a route which was shorter BUT estimated time was 1 hr 30 mins. Anyone got any ideas as too how it decides on a route? While posting, does anyone have details as too whom we can report mapping errors to? It does annoy me that every morning I come to a roundabout and I am told to take 5th exit - the "5th exit" was closed five years ago!
  14. I have six month Avensis and noticed that the Sat NAv is becoming incresingly in accruate at determing exact location. Somteimes it appears to be 100 yards ahead of where the car is exactly, and then at the next direction it will appear to be 150 yards behine of car's exact location. I know it is not a mapping problem as I have used system from when I purchased car. I have not changed tyres so the problem is not that. ny users had simalr problem and how did you resolve it?
  15. I have a Nokia 6610 car kit in my car. The kit was professioanlly fitted and the holder is attached to the side of dashboard (passanger side) level with cigar lighter. That way the cables come from behind the dash rather than out thorugh the radio / CD. Experiment first so that you can easily reach the phone for dailing etc. though. Mind you, they were unable to make the CD / radio system automatically mute when an incoming call was recived as they claimed there was suitable control point in the back of radio / CD. I was a little suprosed as my old.. bog standard Rover had such a facility.
  16. I use Optimax in my tank every other fill up. Given the extra cost I found that the "small" increase in mpg was not worth it. I did not notice much improvent in perfomance either. (Avensis 2.0 GLS)
  17. Sorry! Just relaised my answer only applies to UK models. I don't think there is such a facility on non UK models!
  18. If the unit was purchased from Summer 2002 onwards it will using the TMS system.
  19. 50,000 miles at the moment from dealer. Well looked after. Not too sure what to think to the new style!:)
  20. I was wondering? I have a 2.0 VVti Avensis and wondered how many miles of "trobule free motoring" you could expect from it. Would one be able to acheive 150.000 miles before engine / gearbox problems etc.? Anyone wishes to pitch for the highest Avensis award?
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