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    Mircea, I do respect your other view and I could agree that a new generation of more powerful propulsion units (maybe hybrids) is on its way. I also agree that the supercharged version is mainly a commercial necessity to preserve a top specs Corolla model and not a revolution. But the reason of stopping 2ZZGE from production now is purely on emissions - mainly NOx. P.S. The necessity for engine compliance with emission standards is only for heavy duty truks. For light duty vehicles, it is the car that needs to be regulated, not the engine.
  2. SKG


    I recall that national emission measurements on our cars are made at idle and 3000-4000rpm with standing car (gear-lever in neutral). The car emission specs are given for moving car? ← The measurements you refer to are simple checks that are mandatory in Europe for regular "inspection" of the cars. The emission certification (type-approval test) is granted in tests with the vehicle running over a predefined "driving cycle" on a roller-bench which simulates the vehicle inertia and the aerodynamic resistance. The Lotus inertia and aerodynamic resistance is much lower than Corolla's and as a result, the engine operates at much lower load for the Lotus than the Corolla over the certification testing. This is why it is possible to aprove 2ZZGE as a Euro 4 in Lotus but not in Corolla.
  3. SKG


    What is the weight of the Lotus? Of course it can pass the test if it is used for a car half the weight of a TS!!!!!
  4. SKG


    Just to add a few things in the discussion about emission regulations. Since Jan 2005, the new Euro 4 regulation came into force and indeed the normal TS could not cope with these mainly because of high nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. This has nothing to do with CO2 which is not a harmful pollutant - it only add to the greenhouse effect. The Euro 4 regulation became immediate active for "new" models while all such regulations give a 6 months extension for "existing" models - such as the normal TS to adapt. If "existing" models fail that are discontinued. It was impossible to retain the TS tuning and reduce NOx emissions. The power of the vehicle should drop by ~30 bhp. Therefore, they came up with the supercarged version which was only an idea so far. The reason they have not officialy announced how many and when will become available might be because they now have to find out how many normal TS remain unsold, collect them back, modify them and see where they have to send them again (only guessing here).
  5. thats easy make it in japan problem solved. ← DO YOU MIND I WORK AT BURNASTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!all cars go through rigorous uality checks that build in quality. now im not saying there are no rattles on the corolla cos there probably are. but al lot of them are from the numberplate (not put on at the factory). but the members there fit what they are given. and those parts are designed by the designers in japan and are used on the corollas built there and in turkey. so to say dont build it in the UK is like saying shut the plant down and put over 5000 ppl out of a job... gee thanks a lot of cars have far worse rattles than the corolla but they have the added benifit of breaking down more often. if the rattles bother you that much either get it back to the dealer or turn up the radio. believe it or not toyota build cars using TPS (Toyota Production System) which means cars are all built the same no matter what country the are built in. so to say that corollas built in the uk are built by ppl who dont give a toss is not fair. for gods sake get the "British workforce mentality out of your head" i would urge you to take a tour at the plant some time and then maybe youll see the care that goes into every car built.! rant over ← Dawesy, a well desrved reaction there (even if I don't come from UK - so you have an additional reason there). I have not driven a single modern car that doesn't rattle. Blame it on the effective sound proofing that allows every small bit coming from the interior to be heard, blame it on the millions of parts of a car today compared to a decade ago, blame it on our improved standards, but ALL cars rattle! As far as the thickness of metal is concerned: old cars had thick metals killing everyone in the interior and the exterior in case of a crash. Modern cars use soft, absorbing materials in and out to protect humans. Is this a quality issue?
  6. SKG

    Boot Sealant?

    Dunno about wether they know it prior to my purchase as I didn't discover it until I was curious about the condition of my spare tyre. I mean, they must have noticed it if there is an inch of water wobbling in the boot... Kev ← KEVT3, there are sealents in all Corollas at this area. The problem is not that there is sealant there. The problem is that this is too messy to have been done at the facory and not painted which means it has been added AFTER the car was sprayed.
  7. SKG

    Sqeaky Corolla

    Thx, please tell me what you have found :( ← You sure this is a brand new car that you bought from an official Toyota dealer? If so, did you make any special deal to get a lower price car? You know that even official dealers can sell away new cars that have had accidents (i.e. during delivery). But they notify the perspective owner about that and offer a better price. Which part of the boot is this. This is a repair conducted at a very low cost garage.
  8. SKG

    New T Sport

    It does only do when you first pull away after starting the engine. The noise is getting worse by the week though, sounds like the car is 10 years old. Never had a new car do this before, shall have to wait and find out what they say. Thanks for your reply ← Your dealer must be totally idiot! This is the VSC system self-calibrating at the beginning of your ride. Totally normal, it's even in the manual!
  9. Excuse my English here guys, but when you say the air-con should be on COLD AND RECIRCULATE do you mean that the AIRCON should be on? I just wonder then why the water vapour produced by the kettle does not freeze on the evaporator. :ffs: I just want to try the trick but don't want to do something wrong. Thanks!
  10. Yeap, really looking forward to this! Thanks for accelerating my decision! :D
  11. Yes, I do! It is ADDICTIVE! Watch out... :)
  12. Agree. Problem is not arches, problem is the narrow wheel used (6.5' I think...) Some people say that's too narrow for 205s. However I know of several people that have 205s fitted on stock whells and are perfectly satisfied with them. I still have 195s on (Yokohama but I am looking forward to replacing them with 205s Toyo T1R soon...
  13. SKG


    Hey T128! Glad you're back mate!!!! :) It looks like a different world this forum nowdays, isn't it?
  14. SKG


    Hey guys. Really agree with you all about CTS behaviour. P.S. Six months ago you would have been expelled from this forum if you'd post positive feedback about CTS (see awful Nick-Johnson's reactions above)! Thank God time has passed and pragmatism has prevailed... :)
  15. SKG


    Yeap, my price was for sprayed and fitted ones. But still that's a huge difference...