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  1. Crankshaft sensor was on the way out in my 1999 Avensis and it was very hard started while hot for a few days and then it ended up that it wouldn't start at all either hot or cold. Cold weather may have found a weakness that was in it a good while. Cheap to repair, got a secondhand one for mine and it worked no problem since.
  2. Think i could have your solution, had the same problem with my avensis. What mileage is on your car? My Avensis turned over perfectly but there was no smell of petrol and there was no spark when i took the plug out. Check your crankshaft sensor. Its to do with the timing of yor engine. Very cheap part to buy, easliy taken from another similar car. Check that and see if it does any good and best of luck with it
  3. AvensisMolester

    The Avenger

    Metallic black 16" Celica Gen7 Lightweight Alloys Backbox Sony CD player & 500w Fusion sub&amp Janspeed sunvisor Tinted/smoked rear lights Ice white bulbs all round incl spotlights Red brake calipers
  4. So far: 16" Lightweight Toyota Celica VVTLi alloys Backbox K&N Induction Kit Sony headunit 500w Fusion subwoofer & amp Janspeed sunvisor Tinted rear lights Ice white cruise spotlights Ice white parks, dips & headlights Ice white numberplate lights. Fancy numberplates, a must! Getting the windows tinted next Tuesday so should look a bit tider then. And who knows, i might even wash it! Anyone have a nice spoiler for sale, maybe a genuine Avensis one, or the standard front Avensis fog/spot lights? Not sure weather to lower it or not.. Any suggestions?
  5. My gearbox seemingly has to come out of my car to fit my new clutch :ffs: . So, i had a whacky idea , if it has to come out for a few hours to get the new clutch in, why not stick in a 6 speed gearbox out of a G6R Corolla B) , which has the exact same engine 4A-FE, so i'm thinking along the lines of directly bolt on job. However, i'm making an uneducated guess just by listening to a G6R take off, that it has a closer gear ratio than my 1.6 Avensis, and that it would pull my Avensis a lot faster off the mark and up the gears. Just wondering has anyone any light to shed on this idea? Have you ever tried it or thought about it? I have 2 mechanic friends, 1 says it won't make a difference apart from havin a 6 speed, the other reckons it'd be quicker. Basically, what i'm asking is - will my Avensis be quicker running a Corolla G6R gearbox but more importantly will it fit?? Personally, i think it will , but is there anyone to support me or else discourage me?
  6. AvensisMolester

    The Avenger

    Toyota Avensis 1.6 1999 15" lightweight Celica Gen7 alloys Rear tinted lights Twin pipe exhaust 600w Fusion sub with Sony cd player K&N Induction kit
  7. Definately yes, handy to fit as well, i have one in my 99 1.6. It gives a really powerfull deep growl to it, i'd really recommend it. Noise when you want it and you can make it vanish by easing up on the throttle if you see the cops or for whatever reason.
  8. Dear God check your wheel nuts!!!! I might sound silly if thats not what the problem is, but I was pullin off slowly one night and heard squealing. Turned out to be my wheels grinding of the studs because they were loose! And i was after driving the bag out of it, i was very luck it didn't come off when i was doin three figure sums......... (I was younger and stupider at the time) But, if its not that, i've noticed that certain types of tires and their pressures can sometimes cause a slight squeal, check the pressure maybe and see if its either too high or too low. I can;t remember which causes it.
  9. Same problem myself. I have 125k miles on a 1999 1.6L on mine and it could possibly have been present for long before that. It sounds like play but doesn't feel like play, would that be a similar description to yours? I'm still tryin to trace that problem myself too. Actually, now that i think about it, i think i know exactly what it is. I'd bet any money its exactly the same as my Avenger, try checking the second universal joint in the steering, its located behind and below the inlet manifold, i think there is a small bit of wear in mine. It sometimes gets stiff after a wet spell on the roads when water splashes up on it from the wheels and it dries out and the steering discombobulator device gets harder to turn than usual. Not sure what causes it or how big a job it is to fix but it (touch wood) hasn't caused me any bother yet. Let me know if you find anything with this because i wouldn't mind gettin mine sorted either.
  10. Whats the SCV you mention above? Your situation sound exactly like mine only i'm drinking petrol and yours is diesel. Not a hope will it start no matter how much it turns over. Did it start acting the flute around the day before it wouldn't start? Mine did and got it goin but next day, na ah - not a hope would she fire. Turning but not firing.
  11. Turbo. Only comes on under load?... When it's speeding up after kicking in it whistles. Generally arrives later on in the life of a turbo diesel, anywhere after the 40 - 50k miles mark usually.
  12. I've noticed the same in my Avensis, i put it to the back of my mind at first, i thought it was just the way it was until i heard you on about and realised i'm not alone. And YES, the door card has to come off. How do i know that!? - Because me being me went to take a speaker outta my car and tried prising off the speaker grill with a screwdriver and now i only have half a grille left! It broke because its meant do be detached from the far side of the door card.
  13. Relax! Everthing is fine, every Avensis and indeed most cars do this. The choke automatically comes on on every car engine after starting from cold for a period until the engine's brain (ecu) decides it's at the correct temperature to turn off, at which point i'd bet any money your revs level off to around 700-900 rpm. And the explanation for your car fluctuating while stopped at traffic lights is your car is beginning to get warm because the engine isn't being cooled by air passing through the engine as is what happens whilst moving. So your fan on your radiator kicks in to blow cool air on the engine. However, this fan doesn't run on thin air, it needs electricity which will be generated by your engine. But this naturally puts a healthy load on your engine. Similarly you would notice the same happening when you turn on your full headlights with your engine running, this does the same doesn't it? It's perfectly natural for your car to do this and i wouldn't worry about it in the least bit.
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