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  1. Happy Birthday r0b3r7!

  2. My 1.3 has a busted radiator hose clip (bottom hose)which is coroded to hell, now ive got a slight leak. Going to buy a new clip either today or tomorrow. Does anyone know how much fluid it takes to re-fill the coolant system, i know its a 50/50 mix of ethylene glycol coolant and water, i just dont know how much in total the 50/50 mixture is :) Cheers
  3. The regulator is the whole thing as far as im aware linkage and motor I doubt the motor for a 5 door will fit a 3 door, as the 3 door has bigger doors, so therefore bigger linkage.
  4. My 1.3 (non vvti) had a simmilar issue when i bought it 18 months ago. turned out to be a dodgy exhaust manifold heatshield. Removed it and the problem vanished. No side effects noted after removal. Thats the only thing i can think of
  5. r0b3r7


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  6. Hey guys, what stud pattern does the rolla E11 (1999) have, 4X?? Cheers!!! ;)
  7. haha! No, I'm 15 but got the GTi at 14. Have been restoring it since. :) Nice 1, didnt realise you were as young as that...only 2 years to go til you can drive it...legally ;)
  8. Its nearly...nearly impossible to get lost in MK due to the grid system! I do miss living there, but doubt i would move back... too many connections up here now, plus i couldnt afford to buy a house down there :) Assumed you had a license lol
  9. It is indeed lol :) I used to stay in Shenley Church End then Shenley Lodge... Moved back up to Scotland in 1997 where ive been ever since :)
  10. Aaah good old Bletchley...is it still a dump??? lol :) i used to live in Milton Keynes for 10 years!! Just noticed thats where your from! :)
  11. Many people reckon that getting genuine Toyota parts is best but I have had no problems with these guys: Eurocarparts.co.uk Cheers Bud, great site...i may buy a few things now :) My car is now of an age where im not bothered about genuine Toyota parts, patented will do... My 8 month old daughter is a money magnet, so the expensive parts are out the window from now on :)
  12. Not sure if it will, as that interior looks like its from an E11..
  13. Cheers guys, thanks for the info Where would be the best place to buy the kit?? Thanks again!!
  14. Hi Guys, any idea how much it will cost to fit a new timing belt to a 99 E11 1.3 (4E-FE) (car has done 93k, dont think it was replaced at 60k) Does anyone know how long it will take, i.e will i be cheaper buying a timing kit and getting a mechanic to fit it, if so where is the best place to buy one from. Cheers!
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