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  1. Hello folks. Just a heads up. I've recently traded in my beloved SR180 for a new car. SR180 was June 2008, dark blue, 5 door, 87K on the clock. If you come across this car, be wary. It is golloping coolant & seriously down on power. No oil in coolant or vice versa. No coolant leaks. Not water pump as this was recently replaced. Suspected porous cylinder head, but not sure. I've no qualms about chopping it in against a new motor but I don't like the idea of an unsuspecting person taking it on. This seems a good place to start. Please pass this message on if req'd. Also, I would like to thank all here that have given me so much help and assistance during my ownership of this and previous Toyota's. Sadly I could find nothing in the current Toyota range that ticks my boxes so have moved to Audi. This after 30 years of owning Toyota's. Oh well. Nick.
  2. Thanks very much, that's how I've spent a pleasant afternoon. Job jobbed. All the best
  3. Thanks very much, very helpful. As a commercial enterprise I keep up to 40,000L of gasoil and 15,000L of derv on site. All this properly maintained & regulated, as it has been for some years. I realise that this is just a pee in the pot, I just don't want to give it away. I presume you are unable to answer my question.
  4. You can check if there is power to the glowplugs with a multitester or similar. Even though the heat lamp on dashboard is illuminated for but a few seconds, I am told that the glow plugs are still powered for some while beyond those few seconds. Again a multitester may be your friend. Alternatively get SWK, but that is why many of us are here.
  5. Good afternoon folks. After much deliberation we've decided to p/ex our much beloved SR180 against a new car. This will happen on Monday. Unfortunately my dearly beloved brimmed it full with diesel a couple of days back. I'm not keen to give this fuel away (tight ****). Syphon won't work. If need be it will just go as is, but that would irk me for evermore. Any ideas please? Thanks, Nick.
  6. Thanks to all for the helpful replies. Main reason for change is the age of the car. Fuel type(s) ~ I'm traditionally diesel but that is not set in stone. Budget £25K max. Pref a few months old with minimal mileage. Haven't looked at BMW much. At first glance I'm not taken by the 330D. I will in no way entertain any Merc. Have looked at the GT86 & have fancied it since launch, but it is underpowered. I know it can be tweaked but do I want to go that way? A pal has a '15 (I think) Focus ST. He doesn't like it a lot. After previous bad experiences with Golf I will no go there. Also I feel that the emissions scandal will have a knock-on effect on used prices of Vdubs over the years to come. Having said that I do have a '72 1303S Beetle cabriolet. Good fun summer car. Have been looking at Audi A3 2.0L sportsback S line blahblah. (Yep, I know it's VAG group). Quite like the look of it. Similar spec as SR180. I don't quite know what to do. One of the biggest problems is the huge quantity of variants available for every model. of every brand. Very confusing. Thanks again, Nick.
  7. Wife's car. About time for a replacement. Can't see anything Toyota to take my fancy. Looking for something similar size/style and with enough oomph to get out of (or into) trouble. I've used Toyota for nearly 30 years & am V surprised that I cannot find any suitable alternative. Perhaps the Mirai but too expensive & where do you top up with hydrogen? Also, what's a good way to sell an Oct 08 Auris SR180 D-CAT. 2.2L diesel, 87,000 miles. Many thanks, Nick.
  8. Checked oil & water on wife's car last Friday, prior to a 400 mile journey. Took a fair bit of water, a bit less than 2 litres. Last time I checked (about a month ago, slaps wrist) it took about 1L. That was the first time I've ever had to put coolant in it. I kept a close eye on the temp gauge throughout and it was good, not any sign of overheating. Checked today after our return and it took more than 1L. No sign of any leakage. No drips on the ground. No oil in water or vice versa. Floorwells dry, so hopefully not heater matrix. Over the w/e I met an old pal who has a Rav4 with similar engine. He said he'd recently had similar problems, correctly diagnosed as failing water pump. Any thoughts on this please? If it turns out to be the water pump, is this a major task? Many thanks, Nick.
  9. Slightly off topic perhaps. Has anyone ever succeeded in finding a spare wheel for an SR180. I posted about this some long while ago. I have tried several but cannot find anything to fit. Recently SWMBO suffered a flat whilst driving in London (silly girl). That episode cost, in total, about £700. We like the car but the lack of a spare is urging us to get rid of it. Thanks, Nick.
  10. Hello folks, driving down the A303 earlier this week. A largish stone hit the windscreen and put a hole in it. The stone was big enough to see it coming, and I ducked. Very loud bang. Only the second time this has happened to me in 50 years motoring. Screen is definitely not repairable and MOT due later this month. Contacted local Toyota dealer and glass fitting companies locally to get prices. Prices varied from (exc. vat) £475 to £165. Chosen supplier, not the cheapest, asked if this had a rain sensor. It does indeed have automatic wipers and a sensor behind a clear oblong area within the hashed area at the to of of the screen. A couple of questions: 1) How do rain sensors work if they are on the inside of the screen? 2) Any views or opinions on the cost of screen replacement? Many thanks, Nick.
  11. Being of a certain age the announcement of the GT86 grabbed my attention a couple of years back. Studied specs etc and very much liked the exterior styling. Also the flat4 engine. However I thought it over priced, under powered and not quite cutting the mustard. Some of the hype was the insistence of a normally aspirated engine by the makers. I am V sure this engine is capable of far, far more. Perhaps MkII will go some way toward this. I presume that an updated version will be along before I get too much older. Still of interest but I would very much appreciate the thoughts/opinions of real existing owners. Don't want hype, just honest opinion. I think that in the right hands this could become what was known as a real muscle car. From what I've read it is an excellent chassis and handles superbly. I'm pretty sure that, without too much major tweaking, this engine should be able to produce 300+ bhp. Perhaps that is in the pipeline*. No doubt someone, somewhere is doing this as I type. I had a test drive in one but since then I have not seen a GT86 in the flesh. When I do, I may try to buttonhole the driver for a brief chat. Wish I still had my, lightly modded, D240Z Samurai. One of the most enjoyable cars I've ever owned. Great fun but had to be driven. The harder, the better. Sadly written off by an ex. Happily she (the ex) survived unscathed. We remain best of friends. Thanks, Nick. *reminds me of Sarah Pippeline, but that's a very old story.
  12. Not 'really' high but cerainly getting toward the end of pedal travel.
  13. Bought this new for my wife and passed it to daughter in 2008 when we bought an SR180. Both lovely motors and very reliable. Corolla has done about 165k miles and the clutch, whilst still fully operational, is 'feeling' like it is not long for this world. Is this fitted with a DMF? Is clutch replacement reasonably straightforward? Any hints/tips/pratfalls would be much appreciated. Thanks, Nick.
  14. Project for this w/e is to replace all discs & pads. Received cautionary at recent MOT, discs worn to limit. Car has done 60k miles on originals, does this sound about right? Have read recent thread about caliper & handbrake cable woes, hopefully not applicable in this case. Any tips to make the job easier or pratfalls to avoid please. Nick.
  15. Thanks very much for the link to CharlieFarlie's excellent guide. This gives the symptoms and possible cures very clearly. I still would like to know the possible cause(s). As Toyota are offering extended warranty engine repair/replacement, my sceptical old grey cells wonder if this is an inherent fault in the design of the engine. Again touching wood firmly, swmbo's car is not suffering any symptoms. As a retired engineer, and self-retired motorist, knowing the cause(s) of such problems wold be of interest to me. Thanks again, Nick.
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