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  1. I see a number of requests for Engine Codes for the Yaris. Here is the current list from 2003 and the new Mark 2 and 2009 New Yaris. (Updated 17th July 2009) 2003: 1.0 litre VVT-i - 1SZ-FE 1.3 litre VVT-i – 2SZ-FE 1.5 litre VVT-i – 1NZ-FE 1.4 litre D-4D – 1ND-TV 2006: 1.0 litre VVT-i – 1KR-FE 1.3 litre VVT-i – 2SZ-FE 1.8 litre Dual VVT-i – 2ZR-FE 1.4 litre D-4D 90 – 1ND-TV 2009: 1.0 litre VVT-i – 1KR-FE 1.33 litre Dual VVT-i – 1NR-FE 1.4 litre D-4D 90 – 1ND-TV
  2. A SLOVAKIAN nanny may have been looking the wrong way when she drove into the path of a lorry - killing herself and a three-year-old girl, an inquest heard. Coroner Michael Oakley has also called for safety improvements at the junction where Jemima Turton and her 21-yearold nanny Zuzana Bubenikova died. The inquest was told that Miss Bubenikova was driving Jemima Turton and her older sister, India, home from a trip to the library in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. She pulled out from the B1448 and hit the lorry as she tried to cross a dual carriageway section of the A168 near South Kilvington. Accident investigators believe she may have momentarily forgotten she was on a British road and looked left, instead of right, at the junction. Their Volkswagen Passat was struck by the Foden lorry and then clipped by a Suzuki, which was overtaking the truck at the time. Miss Bubenikova died at the scene and Jemima died from her injuries two days later in hospital. India was critically injured, but survived. PC Graham McCulloch, a traffic investigator for North Yorkshire Police, described it as an "unsurvivable accident". "I do not use the phrase lightly, but how India survived is miraculous," he said. Both girls were in approved child seats and Miss Bubenikova was wearing her seatbelt. The Slovakian national had been in the country for two months and the children's parents had insisted on her taking driving lessons. "The county council is also leading on work to raise awareness across the county's immigrant population of the importance of road safety." Click
  3. From the July 2009 brochure... :(
  4. Could be the heat shield, they can become lose or start to rattle when they have heated up. It may just need tightening up.
  5. Deadlocks would be a good start; unfortunately Aygos can be broken into in less than 5 seconds
  6. T V O R

    Iq 1.33

    Dealers can’t get enough of them! Parts-King will tell us more I’m sure. My dealer had only 8 for the quarter which were all sold/reserved. It’s nearly June now so doing a deal within the next couple of weeks should guarantee a 1.3 iQ as soon as they arrive
  7. T V O R

    Iq 1.33

    Do the deal now! There will be a wait anyway even if you go mid/late June early July. Better to place the order and be one of the first to pick one up as soon as they land at your dealership.
  8. The mileage on a new Toyota should be in single figures if not then I’d like to know where and how the extra miles have come from. On my car it had 7 miles on it (but it had gone to the garage for fuel)
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