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  1. Hi Guys, i have a pretty standard engine but one of my mates said i should get an CT26 turbo. my question is how much bhp would i gaine would it make the car accelerate faster? also would i have to change anything else to compensate for the extra power?
  2. Ok mate will give it ago in the morning. Tried that hks ssqv again tonight I think there may be a problem with the valve and not how I fitted it as if I loosen the adjusting screw at the back and put my hand over the fronof it then it works as it should but when I move my hand it stalls.... Then if I tighten the screw the engine idles fine without me having to put my hand over the front of it but the it don't blow off like it should it doesn't do anything. It's shouldn't do that should it?
  3. ok mate i will try and remove it tomorrow morning. could you please tell me exactly were this box is located as i dont want to remove the wrong thing lol.
  4. ok right well im not sure to be honest.
  5. Hi Gtforbes, should i remove the resonator box now? i do not have either the cone or panle filter i want yet? how will this work on my current/standard air system i have? thank you for checking my other thread i appreciate your help mate.
  6. sorry, forgot to add what is the air flow meter? all i have is the samco pipe that holds the hks from the turbo and i thin blue hose that runs into the back of the hks?
  7. hi gtforbes, its a second hand one but the guy i got it off had a celica st185 just like mine so i thought it would be easier to fit ect. not really sure what to do as the guy said the hks was in perfect working condition. maybe i will have a little tinker around with it tomorrow but if anyone has any ideas/suggestions on what i could try it would be much appreciated.
  8. Hi mate thank you for your reply, what do you mean by arm meter? All I did was remove the baileys and put the hks straight in and connect the fin blue pipe to were it goes at the back. Tried adjusting the screw at the back but like I said all it does is either kill the engine or not blow off at all?
  9. Hi Thank you for your responce, no i have not remoeved anything yet just trying to work out what will be the best option for me. its not just about the performance i like the intake sound so would i be best off with a cone type? also not sure if you see my other new topic i have started but i got the HKS SSQV and its really not working it either kills the engine or when i tighten it it does not blow off at all?
  10. Hi Guys, i had a baileys dump valve and then got advised to buy a HKS SSQV and i tried to fit it last night but when i fitted it it makes the engine stutter and then stall so i tried adjusting the screw on the back until it idles fin but then when i rev it or take it for a spin it does not blow off. am i doing somthing wrong or is there a problem with the SSQV?
  11. if i get a blitz panel filter will i still get the good induction sound that i would with a cone?
  12. Hi Guys, Im getting the HKS ssqv BOV and was wondering which and what type air filter i should get for the best sound?
  13. Hi John thank you for your mail, I just wanted to know if I could put the deceit downpipe on and get the extra hourse if I don't get a full exhaust system. Would the decat down pipe fit straight on to my standard exhaust? Would it be worth doing and would it affect my car insurance? Cheers mate
  14. Hi Guys, can i just change the Down pipe to decat and get the extra bhp and better sound or do i need to buy a full exhaust system and buy the down pipe decat with it?
  15. if i was to put the K&N air filter on and remove the existing box would i need to inform my insurance?
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