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  1. ah how immature and jealous can certain other members of the toyota forum be

  2. quite. and fyi my current car is on finance. and a few isolated incidents in the catholic church do not reflect the actions of the billion people that make up the catholic church.
  3. did u look at the second video? thts the one i was referring too
  4. sorry i mean this video, i rest my case
  5. yes they raced it but im talking about the figures for when they road tested it. go look at this
  6. lol hes not my hero but i do admire him. I mean his success is undeniable. He is probably the most experienced and respected car journalist on british television. Only the likes of Quentin or tiff can come close to his experience or capabilties.
  7. Well i believe in my own religion which looks down on homosexuality as it is against God. Your welcome to have your own opinion and if you get along with homosexuals then thats your own thing, just dont expect me too. Jezza does not think that all cars under 15million hp are rubbish. Jezza believes that a Ford Mondeo is still the best family saloon on the market so he cant be that bad. I remember when they tested the toyota prius on top gear and all they got out of it on a enviro run was 43mpg and jezza quite rightly said a diesel would do better. Also, we have to consider the not so envriomentally friendly way hybrids are made, not to mention the materials they use in their construction, for example the battery which powers the hybrid electric motor i believe is quite, shall we say crap as in terms of envromental friendliness.
  8. dont be soft, im a roman catholic, i despise homosexuality. Im just saying that hybrids in small hatches are pointless because as clarkson has rightly said, a diesel will be much better. A hybrid in a big saloon or 4x4 i would totally go for so long as it was bolted onto a big engine
  9. im with jeremy clarkson on small hybrids, they are pointless.
  10. hybrids are !Removed!, unless you go for the big ones, like the lexus 600h, thats a lovely car that is
  11. I remember when i had a 1.0 cdx yaris back in 2002 just when i passed my test, petrol was 71p a litre!
  12. i cant say ive ever had problems with bmw drivers, its usually the range rover drivers you have problems with in liverpool
  13. oh no, i would never swap my 2.0 tsi dsg scirocco, its a baby gt car, and i love it!
  14. and im never having kids anyways because the current economy makes it hard enough to live let alone have kids