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  1. Prox

    Air Fan

    Its just the extra current drain being put on the alternator, so engine idles up slightly to compensate for the drag. Try switching your lights on and you'll probably find it does the same thing. Perfectly normal, Regards Mark
  2. Does anyone know if toyota will change the led stip in my spoiler as some of the led's have stopped working. looks a bit messy now!! Ive taken it off, looks like dry joints on the contacts but is a sealed unit and cannot get to the board. Has anyone else had problems??? Thanks Mark
  3. Autoglym Paint Renovator, worked wonders on a slightly scuffed sil. Finished it off with Autoglym Super Resin Polish (think its called) Im not a rep for Autoglym but it is fantastic stuff!!!
  4. Prox

    All Alone!

    Cheers Guys, and Sorted Avensis the garage is flat so i'll leave the handbrake off. Nice1 cheers.
  5. Prox

    All Alone!

    Im in uni in London at the moment. Its a 10 week term followed by a month off. I usually go home at the 5 week mark. The problem is that my Avensis is sitting in the garage (thank goodness) doing nothing for these 5 weeks. IS THIS DOING IT ANY HARM??? I've heard that starting the car and not driving it does it more harm so it doesnt get started. My mum is used to her Yaris and wont drive mine. So it only gets driven for a weekend every 5 weeks. I dont want to get rid of it though. In fact ..... Not A Chance!! Can anybody give me any tips to keep it running smoothly when i do get home? Not noticed any problems so far once its had a good run, bit slugish at first. And bit of brake shudder last time, think its because i put it away after it had rained so possibly bit of rust on the discs. Anyway thanks. Mark. I love my car ....... I miss my car!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
  6. And Then Find That Clio And Destroy It!! :D
  7. Quite agree with a higher up post. Quick burst always sends the boyo's faces red with embaresment, especially if the birds in the car! Love coming out of a 30MPH limit with a nova or saxo up my :censor: then ease into third and ............................. bye bye boyo! You can see them reaching for the gears and extra hamsters to throw in the BABY engine! Even my mums 1.3 Yaris 2003 has blitz quite a few hopeful's!! He he! :D
  8. The 2001 SR Model 2.0L has 147bhp. The older version without th VVT-i engine only has 126bhp. You were able to get the SR as a 1.8L also. Hope some help.
  9. Hi you rabble, Bought my S.R In April 2001, My uncle instantly fell as much in love with the car as i did and decided to swap his Rav4 for one, by now it is June 2002!!! Much to my jelosuy his model is the uprated with the body coloured bumbers etc, where as mine's only got the standard trim and exterior. First thing noticed was the different Calipers? took it toyota had decided change them, the discs also appear slightly bigger but you do have to look hard. Is there any reason for this change?? On driving his car the brakes are most certainly more powerful,? Although not complaining on the stopping abilatly of the 2001, Oh No!!!!
  10. Prox

    Noisy Avensis

    Yep Ive experienced this noise, only happens once in blue moon, When reversing out of my mates drive!!!!!! Plural of Avensis is ----- ARMY!
  11. The CDX Model comes with Traction Control and VSC, mine also make's the noise and slight vibration, NOT a fault is perfectly normal, systems check and calibrate themself after first time start and move off. And you should be able to feel it its just letting you know its there to help out!!! ;)
  12. Foot On Left Pedal ------ 1st Gear ------ Foot On Right Pedal Till In The Red!!! -------------- Foot OFF Left Pedal!!!!!!
  13. Any Idea if 6 x 9's can be fitted?? Mines the Saloon seems like the rear shelf looks like its part of the car, (metal underside) would this affect anything?
  14. Prox

    Yaris Sr

    What is the standard tyre on the 15" Yaris SR Wheel? Thanks
  15. Mines does it sometimes but only when changing down gears when letting the revs drop when depress the clutch,
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