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  1. hi all, havnt been here for a while but seen a few t-sports on the road so started thinking of maybe getting another, just thought this would be the place for honest prices of todays market, i will go to a dealer agian, so aint looking at private sales.

    theres also a few compressors near me to, which temps me a bit

    what are these like price wise?





    just a few i have had a glance at, if any one knows of any garages around 80ish miles of pr22jy post code drop me a a link,

    just have to convice the other half i need one now !


  2. Axle back section? Is it pre facelift fit? If so I'm in Sunderland and interested, useful to have a spare!

    yes its the axle back section off aa 2002 model t sport, if it was the original one that started on the car, it has covered 90k and is in good condition.

    i will be back in the area sunday i think, could posibly meet ya in richmond if ya interested

  3. they are cool mate cheers for doin it, if you need for pics for the photoshop i can get some more, if you could show me a couple of examples of different angles you need it would be appreciated,

    may sound a bit stupid but how do i apply the siggy and avvy as i cant seem to do it, i am still a novice on computers !

  4. so is there guna be a northern meet? where at? santa pod is a bit far at the mo, only 230miles or so! might be able to make it to sommet a bit closer tho, good service and i reckon 15 dead is a defo! wasnt far off last time

  5. i have emailed someone who has bought a set of coilovers on the eBay link on page one and he reckons someone from Driftworks.com says they come out of the same factory as D2 coilovers and Megan's ! he is guna tell me what they are like when he gets them fitted, he also said the only drawback is that they do not have camber adjustment plates on top. Only rubber mounts on top, with bearings, i dont know what it means to be honest ! he will be fitting to a 91-99 MR2. what you guys think ?

  6. Hi guys

    A couple of weeks ago I had the TEIN basic coilover kit fitted, today I have been trying to adjust the ride height.

    So first I wound the clamps upwards on the rear, refitted the wheel etc and the car was clearly higher.

    So I started again, and wound the clamps down, so low that the spring was loose and had little tension on!.. Fitted the wheel, and the height was roughly the same as the other side!

    ... So what am I doing wrong?! I just seem to be adjusting the tension on the spring... Can you even adjust the ride height on this kit? I was under the impression you could ...

    "Adjustable ride height via the spring seat, lowering range front from +29 to -77mm, rear from -39 to -97mm."

    Any help would be great, Thanks


    alrigt mate just wondered what you thought of the kit so far , what made you go for the basic kit and not the super street, where did you get yours from?

  7. what is the difference between 'basic' and ' super street' , there is only £60 difference in price. springs are the easiest option but my shockers have covered 98k miles so i wouldnt think they would be up to the job, which then put me onto the thought of a g-max spring and sport shocker set about £440, and for a bit more money £690 for tein super street £630 tein basic, i am a spirited driver and think sprigss an standard shockers might just be a waste of time,



  8. as i am now keeping my car i thought i would see what people would recomend for a suspension upgrade,


    spring and shocker kit,


    i now money wise there can be a big cost diference between them but i am thinking for a couple of months time so i can save a few pennys in the mean time,

    if anyone can give there own experiance or some links to web sites it would be much appreciated,

    i was thinking spring shocker kit to try and keep a bit of ride comfort as i would guess coilovers could be quite harsh on the roads i drive on, namely the dales!

  9. not sure if my case is simular but what you are saying happened to me , it would beep flash and apply the brakes in weird places, i.e going 20mph round an slightly up hill corner, slowing down in a straight line and other places like that, but never when i was drivng at speed, but then i remembered that i had new tyres on the rear, so i swopped them round for the fronts and it stopped ammediatly, i put it down to a hard compound tyre and not bedding in well.

    like i said before, i dont know if this hepls but thought i would add my experiance with vsc bleeping.

    hope it gets sorted

  10. unsure on job situation at the mo so the car is back up for sale £2300

    99k still needs the stuff doing to it that is listed above.

    dont want to get rid, as over the past few weeks i have really enjoyed it but i have to be reallistic,

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