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  1. Happy Christmas to all TOC members and a happy new year too!
  2. It could be that an oxygen sensor could be faulty which could then in turn make the engine run a little 'lean' i.e. the ECU thinks that the air/fuel mixture should have more air in it so reduces the amount of fuel in the mixture. Unfortunately the only way to confirm this is to have a code reader plugged into the car to read the fault code. It would mean, ultimately, a new CAT if your present one is faulty. Hope this helps.
  3. Hi, The ECU is the 'brains' of the car. The amber light is telling you that there maybe a problem somewhere and the ECU stores a code in it to enable you to find out what's wrong. To access this you need to take it to a garage or find someone who has a code reader. They will then plug this reader into the car and can give you a fault code which could narrow it down to which part is faulty. Is the car running ok?
  4. rjlawrence

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    My Carina E, bought off ebay for £375
  5. It could possibly be the alternator failing. I had a Volvo once that did a similar thing, lights coming on on the dash. The car will start without an alternator on jump leads but won't keep going as everything will be running off the battery. A good way to check is if you manage to get the car started, if you or anyone has a multimeter put the red probe to the positive terminal and the black to the negative, the meter should read between 12 and 14 volts. If it the value starts dropping then the battery isn't getting a charge and that usually means alternator trouble! Hope this helps!
  6. Hello everyone. My name's Richard and I am residing in Royal Tunbridge Wells! I'm new to Toyota and I'll be picking up my Carina E on Monday.
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