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  1. If its definitely grinding, then I'd say it's probably the brake disc grinding against the disc guard behind it. Just push the guard away from the disc and try going full lock again. This has solved my problem :P Give it some when you bend it back though, because it'll just come back if you just give it a small prod.
  2. Low on fuel? My facelifted T- Sport stutters when its low on fuel, when I saw low, I mean, 3-4 bars. I also only use clutch when starting as it kicks up to 2,100 rpm If not, then it's probably just needs a basic service or something as simple as changing the plugs. May be hard to fix it first go as the problem could be caused by a number of things!
  3. Hey, Is this the average calculator or the instant one? If it constantly said 33 mpg before, that was probably on the average setting. I suppose somebody pressed the trip button and switched it to the instant calculator? The instant calc can do any number up to 100! :P Also if your average calculator doesn't update (mine didn't until I posted here for help), then reset it by holding the trip button :)
  4. This isn't in the slightest bit helpful, but I removed my parcel shelf after buying my T- Sport because it was making a rattling noise! :P Also from what I remember ginger_ros, there wasn't a gap so large you could see in to the boot, but don't hold me to it, I only had the shelf up for a week.
  5. To be fair, Yaris' have a huge problem with these bushes. A quick search on the forum will no doubt turn up numerous topics! :D
  6. Always 3 mph over bumps! People often think I'm ridiculous for taking it so slow, I don't care!
  7. Nope... All standard stuff, I've never messed with the electronics either. I think I'll let the garage charge it overnight as I don't have a charger, nor can I get my car anywhere near my house due to a skip! I'll go nuts if that doesn't work either. I'm very worried the alternator may have gone.
  8. Hey guys, I recently went away and left my battery to drain away, so obviously I jumped it, took it for a good run at high revs. Probably spent 45 minutes driving about. Subsequently, the battery drains itself when not used for 5 days or so, completely. I was always under the impression that if everything is in working order, a bit of a ragging would restore the battery. So I went to have the battery checked and I'm told the battery has no problems, it however ought to be connected to a battery charger overnight? I thought the alternator was supposed to charge it up? Can somebody please clarify for me please and also suggest solutions! Thanks I should add that I mentioned that the problem may lie with the alternator when dropping it off at Toyota, which they noted down. After the examination (not sure if they checked the alternator), they didn't discuss whether or not it could have been an alternator problem, they were quite certain that the battery needs to be charged, and that driving it would not do the same job as a charger would :S
  9. Almost impossible to parallel park a T Sport in a tight space without doing so Still can't get the 15+ meter turning circle it has around my head. As for the scraping noise, does it scrape if you full lock while moving? i.e. 3 point turn, or whatever? Mine scrapes when locking right. I've read all sorts of reasons for noises on this forum, but only one thread had the same problem. I don't know for certain about your car, but on mine, the guard that sits behind the brake disk was too close to the disk. After pushing mine back, it stopped grinding. However it's not a permanent fix as it creeps back to the scraping position.
  10. Welcome Don't mean to put a negative in, but to me, the spec, year and price don't seem to match up too well. I understand it is of low mileage, and well maintained with a number of nice little options, but £3,500 seems to be asking a little too much! Is this a dealer sale?
  11. I assume you blip the throttle a little when downshifting at motorway speeds? I myself haven't had a problem with this change. It's always 2nd gear which is notchy which I have accepted isn't likely to ever completely go away.
  12. My bad, poor reading skills :P
  13. Worn CV joints also make this sound from what I've seen on this forum!
  14. I just keep mine on average MPG setting. If you have it on the setting for actual MPG you are doing, you will find that coasting down a hill without any throttle reads as 99 MPG. Driving the car hard will make it plummet, sitting for ages with it idling will see it drop to 0 as you are not going anywhere. The average speed one, i don't really use. Yeah, that's what I keep mine on as I don't know how to use the average/ trip function! Playing 'keep above 40MPG' is a fun game :D Though having since filled up with premium its become 'keep above 4,000 RPM' :P
  15. Have my own question guys, how on EARTH do you use the MPG calc on the dash? Likewise with the average speed! I've never worked it out and for some reason I just haven't bothered reading the manual :P
  16. I think I've felt a bit of that gear change power blip, but its not particularly noticeable. I've managed to fix the throttle lag though! Found the throttle cable and noticed it was a little slack, had to get some WD40 on one of the nuts and then readjusted it quite a lot before eliminating 90% of the slack, I left some as I didn't want it constantly in tension. Felt a bit chavvy revving the engine to confirm the fix!
  17. I have a T- Sport, have never driven other Yaris', and I haven't asked anyone about this before, but is it just me or do all Yaris' exhibit a bit of lag? I don't find it a problem, I got used to anticipating the rev response a long time ago. I hope its present in other cars because then it'll bug me that my car is different! Its less than half a second between me putting my foot down and the gas coming on. The time is much less when I'm already moving though, but thats a given as I'm already on the throttle. Would this be to do with the throttle body? Or my cable is just a bit slack? Its only done about 27,500 miles.
  18. I personally don't take this in to consideration when buying a car :P
  19. Where was the fuel from? I would imagine placebo but stick with it and see, note MPG as well. I filled up at Tescos, 99. Everywhere else was closed at the time! I agree it seems that I just want to believe the fuel is having an effect, but I'm quite certain the car sounds and feels different to normal. Will go back to the regular stuff next week and see if it becomes less potent again as I can't afford to do a full to empty tank MPG test :P
  20. I just topped up 1/2 a tank with some premium stuff and noticed that it sounded a bit, throatier than normal. Could also be imagining it, but 2nd and 3rd seemed to pull really well when working the engine. All I know is I like this new feeling!
  21. Well it depends on what height and shape the other car is! I personally wish I had colour coded ones... Sure it looks less sexy, but a dent looks even worse. My heart skips a beat every time I come back to the car park.
  22. You asked what it is and I can only say that, pushing the stone deflector for the disk (with not an excessive amount of force)/ giving the car a good ragging/ emergency braking a few times, seems to have fixed my problem! I was inspecting the guard earlier, with the wheel on, and decided to push it away from the disk a little bit. I didn't think I'd used enough force to bend it away, but I prodded it all around the disk to relieve any stones caught between. Proceeded to take it out for a bit of an aggressive drive and chucked in a few emergency stops (when it was safe to do so obviously) to get rid of the rust from the horrendous rain we've been getting recently. Afterwards I went to an empty lot and full locked it right and did about 3 circles at crawling speed and it was as quiet as a mouse! I can usually hear it with my windows up, and even with windows down I heard nothing. I don't know if it was the drive or the prodding that helped. I normally only use the car for a short commute at city speeds, so its possible that there was a build up of rust somewhere that wasn't being eradicated with the 40 mph braking.
  23. Please ignore the title now! Basically when I full lock right, theres a nasty sound coming from the front right of the car. Other threads have mentioned that theres a knocking sound or similar. I wouldnt call what I hear knocking, I would say it sounds like applying the brakes when rusted up, as if metal was just grinding together. Thanks in advance. EDIT: After spending a good hour and more putting in a number of search terms in to the forum, I've found this scraping noise is distinct from ARB issues. The most common problem was the brake guard rubbing due to rust, another post mentioned a driveshaft issue. I'll take a poke around tomorrow as I haven't really had the time. If it isn't raining.
  24. I've got a T-S... And with the engine only engaging the upper bounds of the VVTi jazz at the high revs... So I figure I'll have to take it up there occasionally. Very occasionally, maybe one or twice a week because I don't drive it often. Throwing it around corners and such.. I do that a whole lot less during most the year as I'm far from country roads.
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