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  1. hey peeps, few days back my drivers side electric window stopped working :( i knew it was going to die as the windows started to slow up going up n down and now its totally dead. i figured the motor/window regulator needs changing and have got 1 from scrap yard any ideas how to install it/remove the door panel? dont wanna end up breaking the door panel because itll be another headache. any pics/vids or tips would be very much appreciated. thanx in advance
  2. No because i cant push it from the outside,only way is via the bulb holder :(
  3. the door on my yaris has gone awkward, if i slam the door it will shut otherwise it just keeps on flinging open? when u close the door gently it normally catchs on the latch n locks in, but no wen i try closing it slowly it jus flings right back open again :( any help plzzzzzzzz
  4. hey peeps, this may be a silly question, but ive got lexus lights on my p1 yaris, however ive noticed today the lens on the brake light inside has come off, is there anyway/techniques to get it fixed??
  5. just wondering, can you fit a car amp to the manufacturers fitted cd player?? ive got 2000 model yaris. if so how?
  6. Tyre pressure front is recommended at 32 and back at 30. it cant be wheel alignment because ive had that done recently.
  7. When ever i drive over the paint markings on the road i seem to lose the front end of the car? sometimes the car oversteers and understeers? it seems to happen on wet roads at times aswell? is that normal or could ther be a problem somewhere? any help appreciated
  8. no wen im driving at top end speeds i can feel it moving around then aswel
  9. check tyre pressure weekly :) last time the tracking was done it didnt make any difference
  10. Nope havent curbed it, wheels are standard manufacturers alloys and it hasnt been lowered. so u reckon its alignment? i dont wna go 2 a garage and do something when its not even needed lol
  11. Hey peeps ive got a 2000 model yaris, when i accelerate fast the front end seems to slip and i need to correct the steering wheel just to try keeping it straight. what could be causing this? is it wheel balancing? alignment? tracking? the tyre thread is good, same problem hapens with brand new tyres :( just makes me a bit weary if i need to drive top end speed or need 2 accelerate fast. any help would be great thanx
  12. Hi can you give me the link plz on this forum on how to reprogram the key? ive got the phase 1 yaris 1.3 cdx and the remote unlock works but the remote lock doesnt work, ive changed the battery but that didnt make a difference so i suspect it just needs reprogramming. send me the link n ill get started thanx
  13. Hey peeps wots the best way to get rid of squeeky brakes? ive changed the brake pads about 1000miles ago n now ive got this annoying squeeky noise wen i brake any help wud be appreciated :)
  14. lol yeah i checked all that. thats the 1st thing i checked. i just find it strange to have happend to both sets of keys......
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