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  1. I have heard the focuses have issues with qualitly, i guy i know had to take his back because the paint started to bubble after 6 months and then it had a random oil leak. i would be careful of the ford ( fix or repair daily ) ;-)
  2. Oh lol that kind of washers ha Whys that though and what about the people with them on there corollas? Its the law that dvla have set out
  3. You you spray your windscreen for example in my g/f cooper s there are jets that also pop out and spray her headlights
  4. just to let you know that unless the have head light washers they would be illegal for use on the roads
  5. Not with german and jap build quality
  6. Here's one before the car was modified
  7. to be fair i am unsure, but i will keep folks updated i tried to run but they caught me £6100 so not bad paid £5800 last december and spent about 2k ish Not sure would have to be a decent one, possibly forged
  8. Today is a sad day, the rolla has gone.......
  9. Probabily as I have not taken my car on track
  10. i have just the outfit lined up lol
  11. it would be good but trax has seemed to become more chavey the past few years........but i am still up for going
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