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  1. Yesterday I fitted a set of QuickLIFT gas-spring struts on the bonnet of my '08 Limited. It was a little more challenging than I thought, but I ended up with only one Band-Aid! Here's the before picture with the old prop rod: And the after picture with the new struts: Ordered them from here: http://www.redlinetuning.com/QL-TOY-RAV4-06+.html I got the basic kit for $69.95 and painted the brackets satin black. To install you need a tape measure, fine point marker pen, utility knife, center punch, drill with #11 and 5/32" drill bits, Pop rivet gun, and a ratchet with
  2. Happy Birthday junebug1701!

  3. The fuel filter will be inside the fuel tank.
  4. The frost warning on the US-spec RAV is even worse. The temperature display flashes 5 times when it falls just above freezing. Unless you drive with your eyes on the display, you'll never notice it. No chimes, no lights, just 5 flashes. And that's only the air temperature, the bridge ahead could be much colder and iced over anyway.
  5. OK, I don't think this is acoustic glass. Toyota obviously is the manufacturer of the car. AGC is the manufacturer of the glass and a quality one at that. The // indicates "Regular Multiple Layer Windshield", the JIS means it meets the Japanese Industrial Standards, and the E6 indicates the glass is approved for Belgium. The 43R is the regulation number and the 000081 is the approval number. M814 is the model number of the windshield, and finally, Lamisafe is the trademark name of the glass. I found all this by Googling various sites.
  6. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2015-01-16/toyota-to-drop-scion-iq-as-smallest-car-fails-to-win-u-s-buyers.html By Craig Trudell Jan 16, 2015 10:49 AM CT Toyota Motor Corp. (7203) plans to drop its smallest model, the Scion iQ, after the car’s size, price and fuel economy failed to attract U.S. consumers. U.S. sales of the iQ fell 50 percent to 2,040 last year after Toyota gave dealers more leeway on submitting orders based on demand, said Doug Murtha, Scion’s brand chief. Production of the xD ended in July, leaving Scion with four models. The iQ won’t be “staying in the lineup too much longer,
  7. Since Raistlin stole my Radar Love, I'll have to go with: 1) AC/DC - Highway to Hell 2) George Thorogood - One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer
  8. Sounds like a dodgy safety switch. On an automatic, there is a safety switch that only allows starting in Park and Neutral. In that case, wiggling the shift lever or shifting to Neutral often allows it to start. With a manual gearbox, the switch is on the clutch pedal lever.
  9. I asked Manuel, and he said no, he doesn't have it, but he will check with Jose and Pedro. :)
  10. Similar situation on this side of the pond. The 2012's are thinning out and people are snatching up the V6 models due to the handwriting on the wall saying the V6 is history for 2013. Although we will know for sure on 28 November, here are two of the latest artist renderings of what the 4.4 RAV4 might look like:
  11. Here is the relevant page from the US owner's manual, where we only got the 5-door model:
  12. Excellent article as usual, Anchorman!! The only thing I would recommend is to loosen the filler plug BEFORE removing the drain plug. I've heard horror stories of people that have drained the oil only to find they can't get the filler plug loose. Or strip it out, especially those hex (allen) head plugs.
  13. They look very nice, BUT, I wonder if they will fit properly. They are made for the long wheelbase RAV here in the US. While the fronts may be OK, I'm thinking the rear inserts may be too long. In any event, we would like to see some pictures after the install.
  14. I disagree with my esteemed colleagues above. If there was a problem with the EGR valve, then the check engine message would appear. When only the ABS, Brake, and VSC messages appear, that indicates a problem with either the ABS system or anti-skid ECU. The procedure to read the error codes using a simple jumper wire can be found here: Check Engine Light/VSC & 4WD lights explained
  15. So the tow rating of the Tundra is 151,205 lbs.? But apparently only for a quarter mile. Anything more would void the warranty.
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