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  1. Yesterday I fitted a set of QuickLIFT gas-spring struts on the bonnet of my '08 Limited. It was a little more challenging than I thought, but I ended up with only one Band-Aid! Here's the before picture with the old prop rod: And the after picture with the new struts: Ordered them from here: http://www.redlinetuning.com/QL-TOY-RAV4-06+.html I got the basic kit for $69.95 and painted the brackets satin black. To install you need a tape measure, fine point marker pen, utility knife, center punch, drill with #11 and 5/32" drill bits, Pop rivet gun, and a ratchet with a 5/16" socket. You have to measure and drill 10 holes, remove and trim the weatherstripping on either side, install the hood brackets with 6 pop rivets and the fender brackets with 4 self-tapping bolts. Re-install the weatherstripping, then just snap the struts onto the brackets and remove the old prop rod. Keep an old towel or cloth on the fender to catch the metal shavings, and put tape on the drill bits so they don't go too deep. If you take your time, you can knock it out in an hour or an hour and a half. I made a short video to show how it works:
  2. The fuel filter will be inside the fuel tank.
  3. The frost warning on the US-spec RAV is even worse. The temperature display flashes 5 times when it falls just above freezing. Unless you drive with your eyes on the display, you'll never notice it. No chimes, no lights, just 5 flashes. And that's only the air temperature, the bridge ahead could be much colder and iced over anyway.
  4. OK, I don't think this is acoustic glass. Toyota obviously is the manufacturer of the car. AGC is the manufacturer of the glass and a quality one at that. The // indicates "Regular Multiple Layer Windshield", the JIS means it meets the Japanese Industrial Standards, and the E6 indicates the glass is approved for Belgium. The 43R is the regulation number and the 000081 is the approval number. M814 is the model number of the windshield, and finally, Lamisafe is the trademark name of the glass. I found all this by Googling various sites.
  5. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2015-01-16/toyota-to-drop-scion-iq-as-smallest-car-fails-to-win-u-s-buyers.html By Craig Trudell Jan 16, 2015 10:49 AM CT Toyota Motor Corp. (7203) plans to drop its smallest model, the Scion iQ, after the car’s size, price and fuel economy failed to attract U.S. consumers. U.S. sales of the iQ fell 50 percent to 2,040 last year after Toyota gave dealers more leeway on submitting orders based on demand, said Doug Murtha, Scion’s brand chief. Production of the xD ended in July, leaving Scion with four models. The iQ won’t be “staying in the lineup too much longer,” Murtha said in an interview this week at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. “The rest of the products will carry on with us.” Toyota plans to introduce three Scion models in the next three years, including two in 2015’s second half, to revive the brand founded more than a decade ago to appeal to younger consumers. Scion sales slid 15 percent last year to 58,009. That total is fewer than sales of 12 of the company’s individual models in the U.S., including the Toyota Avalon and Lexus ES sedans. The iQ was a “healthy experiment” that taught Toyota important lessons about U.S. buyers’ tastes, Murtha said. Even though the Toyota City, Japan-based company gave the iQ 11 air bags and engineered it to achieve a four-star crash rating, consumers couldn’t get comfortable with its dimensions. “Physics are physics, and they’re nervous about driving a vehicle that size,” he said. The iQ is about 120 inches (305 centimeters) long and 66 inches wide, according to Scion’s website. That’s 14 inches longer and about 5 inches wider than Daimler AG’s Smart fortwo. U.S. buyers also associate size with price and aren’t as interested as Europeans in the idea of a premium small car, Murtha said. Scion sells the iQ, which has a starting price of $16,435, at a small discount to the Scion xD and about $1,600 more than the Toyota Yaris, according to the brands’ websites. At 37 miles (60 kilometers) per gallon in city and highway driving, iQ also achieved the best combined fuel economy rating of any non-hybrid in the U.S. But Americans look at a car the iQ’s size and think it ought to get 60 mpg, Murtha said. “We’ve learned lessons on all of those fronts and that’s going to influence how we approach vehicle development going forward,” he said. Scion showed an iM concept car in November at the Los Angeles auto show. The brand will introduce a production version of the iM as well as a new sedan model in April at the New York auto show, and both will join the lineup in 2015’s second half, Murtha said. Toyota needs to sell at least 100,000 Scion vehicles a year for the brand to be sustainable and keep its dealers engaged, Murtha said. The company has committed to plans for new products that will help Scion reach that threshold, which was last achieved in 2008, he said. “There are some dealers who felt like we made some promises to them about the refresh rate of the product and the level of investment and they don’t feel like we’ve lived up to that,” Murtha said. “We have three brands in the market and we need to support all three of those brands.” To contact the reporter on this story: Craig Trudell in Tokyo at ctrudell1@bloomberg.net
  6. Since Raistlin stole my Radar Love, I'll have to go with: 1) AC/DC - Highway to Hell 2) George Thorogood - One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer
  7. Sounds like a dodgy safety switch. On an automatic, there is a safety switch that only allows starting in Park and Neutral. In that case, wiggling the shift lever or shifting to Neutral often allows it to start. With a manual gearbox, the switch is on the clutch pedal lever.
  8. I asked Manuel, and he said no, he doesn't have it, but he will check with Jose and Pedro. :)
  9. Similar situation on this side of the pond. The 2012's are thinning out and people are snatching up the V6 models due to the handwriting on the wall saying the V6 is history for 2013. Although we will know for sure on 28 November, here are two of the latest artist renderings of what the 4.4 RAV4 might look like:
  10. Here is the relevant page from the US owner's manual, where we only got the 5-door model:
  11. Excellent article as usual, Anchorman!! The only thing I would recommend is to loosen the filler plug BEFORE removing the drain plug. I've heard horror stories of people that have drained the oil only to find they can't get the filler plug loose. Or strip it out, especially those hex (allen) head plugs.
  12. They look very nice, BUT, I wonder if they will fit properly. They are made for the long wheelbase RAV here in the US. While the fronts may be OK, I'm thinking the rear inserts may be too long. In any event, we would like to see some pictures after the install.
  13. I disagree with my esteemed colleagues above. If there was a problem with the EGR valve, then the check engine message would appear. When only the ABS, Brake, and VSC messages appear, that indicates a problem with either the ABS system or anti-skid ECU. The procedure to read the error codes using a simple jumper wire can be found here: Check Engine Light/VSC & 4WD lights explained
  14. So the tow rating of the Tundra is 151,205 lbs.? But apparently only for a quarter mile. Anything more would void the warranty.
  15. I'm not going to lose any sleep over this. This is the switch that locks out the passengers window switches. I never use it, but I suppose someone with kids might use it a bit. IF the switch got to the point where it felt rough or notchy, and IF someone then applied some kind of flammable oil or grease to it, then it MIGHT cause a problem. My switch is silky smooth and has never been lubricated so I don't think there's a problem.
  16. You can always carry the spare on a roof rack. This is a US-spec RAV4 in Africa:
  17. I go to the dealer and get the OEM rubber inserts. All 3 including tax comes out to less than $15. Replace them once a year and they work great. Lucky for me the dealer is only 3.5 miles away.
  18. I don't think she's really dead. Which is an actual Toyota paint color!! :D
  19. How To Keep Secrets By: Donatella Nobodi Weather Reporting By: Luke Outavindo How I Make Money On Ebay By: Selma Junkov Preventing Body Odor By: O.Takashowa Planning A Cruise By: Eaton Dolittle Classic Garment Design By: Luke Howitt Fitzhugh Basic Physics By: Laura Vinersha Planning An African Safari By: Sarah Anne Ghetti
  20. Statistics Made Easy By: Marge Innovera Professional Makeup Tips By: Bud Tuglee Meteorology for Dummies By: Claude E. Ovanite Orthopedic Remedies By: Denise Hoyt Self Defense for Women By: Anita Tugroin Selecting Fine Wines By: I. Noah Merlow Anger Management By: Kirsten Hollard So You Want To Be A Chauffeur? By: Pikov Andropov Raising 10 Kids Alone By: Erasthmus B. Dragin
  21. The letters have been sent out to owners in Canada, but not in the USA yet. However, a visit to the Toyota US Owner's site shows this: "Toyota has determined that if the nuts on the rear suspension arm are not tightened following the proper procedure and torque specification during a rear wheel alignment service, excessive play may occur at the threaded portion of the arm, followed by rust formation. If this were to occur, the threaded portion of the rear suspension arm may wear and cause the arm to separate." Here is the part in question: 48710-42020 ARM ASSY, REAR SUSPENSION, NO.1 LH
  22. Try Toyota paint code 1F7. You can't go wrong with Classic Silver!
  23. This is so very true, Kingo! For example, if your water pump starts whining, everyone and his brother knows the bearing is going out. But many of these aftermarket warranty companies refuse to replace it until it actually breaks, i.e., quits pumping or leaks. One glaring ommision I noticed is that the aircon compressor is covered, but not the evaporator or condenser? And only after you pay an extra premium? That's crazy. Compare this to what my Toyota extended warranty covers: AIR CONDITIONING/HEATING Air Conditioning Lines and Tubes; Air Conditioning Pressure Switches; Air Temperature Control Programmer; Blower Motor; Blower Motor Resistor; Compressor; Compressor Clutch Assembly; Compressor Pulley; Condenser; Condenser Fan and Motor; Evaporator; Evaporator Temperature Sensor; Expansion Valve; Heater Control Valve; Heater Core; Idler Pulley; Pressure Regulator Assembly; Receiver/Dryer; Schrader Valve; Seals and Gaskets; Cooler Control Switch; Cooler Unit; Damper Servo; Defroster Control Cable; Heater Control Head.
  24. Yes, you have to press in the tabs from underneath and then it should come right out the top.
  25. On the RAV4, there are 2 of these "dome" sensors on the dash. One is for the auto headlights, the other is for the auto climate control. If there is one on the Avensis, it could be used for either function. The part looks like this:
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