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  1. Hi everyone, I have a 2006 Verso 2.2 TSpirit and I am after the PCD size and offset of the wheels. Found sites quoting 5x114.3 PCD and ET45 offset. Measuring myself it seems more like 5x110. Anyone knows exactly what it is?
  2. u r right mate PIs are terrible. I have lowered my celica on PIs and they are noisy and uncomftable and the car bottoms up all the time. At the rear they do not seat properly.... in other words crap
  3. That is one hell of a vid. Please post more links if you have.
  4. 3s-fe is 2L. I have that on my wife's RAV4. Around 130-140bhp.
  5. I had the same problem months ago. Removed the cone filter and went back to the original airbox with HKS panel filter. The surge came back again and the car works better. The filter must have been sucking hot air from the engine bay. Also I think when the AICS valve opens it needs an extra amount of air, and in my opinion that is the use of the extra small box just after the air box. To be honest I find my car runs better with the original air box setup.
  6. How much will htat cost and what is the waiting time? 10x
  7. Anyone has any clue were I can get a metal head gasket for the 4e-fte motor? I need it urgently.
  8. I have same problem with mine 1995 GT. This probably happens because the car hs been clocked. Best solution is to but a TRD 300km/h speedo and replace it.
  9. NDR008, did u know there exist a Toyota Club in Malta. They are very good people and can give you lots of help on any issue. I myself am a member and the help I found is incredible. I get discounts from the agent and from other parts suppliers. I own a 95 Celica gt, a 97 Rav4 and a 87 Corolla EP82. I am currently restoring my corolla and will swap the 4a 1.6 engine with a 1999 1N-T diesel engine. The club can source you nearly any engine from a Trin turbo 2JZ-GTE to a 4E-FTE. If you need more details e-mail me with your numbers and I will call you. e-mail yozef@di-ve.com
  10. yozef


    st205 means the latest gt4 that is because my celica is the st202 model. In your case you should go for the st165 manifold if you have st162. Do not know about costs. The best thing to do is to start to research prices. If you can buy used parts the better. I am doing my reaserch at the moment. Will have to buy a manifold from MrT but will find a used turbo and some used injectors. Obviously will have to buy all the other parts. Plan ahead as this could prove expensive in comparison with a 3s-gte swap. And budget for an LSD as you will definatley have traction issues.
  11. yozef


    http://www.turbocelica.8m.com/index.html Shold be of great interest to you!! :bookworm:
  12. yozef


    I know a guy that turbocharged the latest 3s-ge verion on standard compression (11). I was thinking of doing mine as follows: st205 ex manifold CT20 turbo Run 7 psi 5th or even 6th injector Bigger injectors Waldro fuel pump st205 Toyota MAP sensor front mounted intercooler Vortech FMU If piston will not take the stress then change to st205 pistons. Crank and rods are identical.
  13. The A/c Compressor on my wife's 1997 Rav4 has stopped working. The agent says I have to replace it but as you may think a new compressor cost loads $$$. Any idea which toyota compressor my fit the 3s-fe engine so as to look in the 2nd had shop for one. Thanks.
  14. Don't think so but still it is not a sensible choice. The original tranny of the 3s-ge is stronger. A good choice would be to swap it with an MR2 turbo tranny with lsd.
  15. Fensport UK have done that on their project Corolla
  16. Has anyone timed his Celica on a 1/4 mile strip. I am sure my St202 with only exhaust, and clutch mods can do 15sec. I will test then on the next run what u bring event.
  17. yozef

    6 Speed Gt4

    Good idea it could work on the normal 2.0 GT FWD with a 2000+ celica gearbox, but surely not on the GT4 (4WD)
  18. That engine came out after 1998 so Gaj's motor is does not have that motor. However ss-3 existed since 1995 and the differnce between ss2s is that they have super strut suspension and LSD and 20 kg hevier.
  19. That's not exact. You are right in saying you experience a kick because there is one. Th system is called AICS, Acoustic Induction Control System present in your throttle body. Basically the length of the inlet manifold varies with rpm long on low revs to enhance torque, short on high revs to give more top end power. The kick is when the butterflies of the long manifold close up. It has nothing to do with your filter. This system is situated in your inlet manifold. Look at any 6 gen brochure there is the explanation or search on google
  20. What 2nd cam.? This is not a v-tec engine!! Most probably it is your variable induction system which is not working properly. Check for cracks in vacum pipes especially near the variable induction expansion tank.
  21. yozef

    Engine Swap

    The clutch will not fit as far as I know. The GTE clutch will have 20 splines as compared to 21 on the GE. Try to buy a Caldina ST215 clutch disk should be same diameter as GT4 but with correct splines.
  22. yozef

    Engine Swap

    The original gearbox might have problems in handling the additional power, and you will have traction problems. Try getting an MR2 gearbox (preferabbly Rev3) with LSD should help a lot.... I am going that route but will get an MR2 engine....
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