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  1. Brilliant news! 😄 It looks neat now! Engine bay is nice and tidy and the front on the photos look good!
  2. The metallic blue sounds nice. Not sure about the red accents. It is tempting to go two tone so bottom half one colour, roof another colour, or something like this. We're really not sure at the moment. Just whatever we think looks nicest I think. 😄
  3. Cheers! 😄 We'll get there with it in time! The biggest discussion at the moment is what colour we want to go for it! 🤣 I like the idea of a dark metallic red or blue.
  4. Hi TimRussia, How did you get on with your project? Are you still working on it?
  5. Well it's back from the welders. They had to rebuild the entire right hand sill, most of the left sill, both rear arches, the two rear door bottom corners and the front right arch. They did a load of work, and now it's time to just get a bit of paint on it (Amazingly we have found a full can of colour matched paint). This is basically just going to be sprayed on to stop it rusting through the primer until we fully strip, filler, and paint it. On another note, the carb seems to be clearing up the more we run the car and move it around. Before it would stumble when revved hard (blips of the throttle), but now it appears that his has cleared up and it revs very smoothly.
  6. Just to update this a little. The project hasn't stopped. The car has been sent off for a serious amount of welding to be carried out! I am not sure how long it'll take, but hopefully not too long! 😄 Fingers crossed all goes to plan.
  7. Right! We have a date for the welding work. It's going to a local garage on the 28th February! So, before then I have loads of bits to strip off, clean up, box and refurbish. Plenty to get busy on now!
  8. Well! It's good news. We've had a quote for the welding, we have hummed and pondered over it for a while and then decided that "There are much worse things to spend money on than a good project" so it has been given the go-ahead. We are getting it booked in for a lot of the metal work soon, so prior to that I'll be stripping the car down as much as possible and refurbishing the parts I can in the garage as I take them off and box them up for storage. 😄 More updates to follow. 😄
  9. Today was a quick day on the car. I ticked off a couple of little things. The first one being the poor fitting pipe that I bought for the breather. I replaced it with softer, thinner walled silicon hose which has fit perfectly. The second issue solved was the sticking choke that was causing poor starts from cold. The flap for some reason would never quite close fully. I have since found out that the last time I had the carb apart (a few years back) I had refit the linkage from the choke incorrectly! Annoyingly, I have since had the carb apart 2/3 times, and every time I have reassembled it how it was when I incorrectly put it back together the first time! It is now, MUCH easier to start, and idles when cold correclty! 😄 I had the linkage going through the large hole in the top of the first picture! As you can see in the second picture, there is a smaller linkage hole behind this one on a different lever! That is the one the linkage was supposed to be in! On a not so good note, we had a guy from the local bodywork specialist come and look at the rust and welding required. He reckons it'd be at least a weeks work (Which at who knows how much per hour) is probably going to cost a serious amount of money! Either we need to bite the bullet and accept the initial outlay to get this project off the ground, or we need to get good at welding... fast...
  10. Today I replaced any vacuum pipe that I have disturbed. Some were really broken on the ends which I think would have been causing air leaks. The large breather (9.5mm) is really quite stiff pipe and as such needs a different type buying. It fits, but it's tight up against the bottom of the air filter housing which is annoying. I have now ordered some thinner walled 9mm ID silicone hose for that and will try that instead. The small 4mm pipes fit nice and snug, but the little "clamps" that came with the pipe have pretty much zero strength to them which is annoying. Oh well! I suppose with the hose being pretty tight on the metal pipes it should be okay anyway I would think. I also used one of these to test the head gasket. It seemed to bubble through from the radiator, but didn't change colour, so hopefully that's a good sign!
  11. Tonight was a quick night of work. Just decided to start it up to let it warm, and then also measure the vacuum hose connection pipes using a set of digital calipers that I borrowed from a friend at work. I have found the following sizes for the required internal diameters of the hoses. (For anyone that needs that info). Small cam cover breather (plumbs into filter housing) - 6.30mm Vacuum pipe (To valve on rear of filter housing) - 6.30mm Large cam cover breather (Plums into intake manifold) - 9.50mm All small control pipework for carburetor vacuum conections & actuators - 4.00mm I have now ordered a 1m length of each of the sizes, along with some nice little spring clips, and a couple of larger jubilee clips for the 9.50mm hose.
  12. That looks like it has potential! I am struggling to find the part number itself for the rebuild kit at the moment. Annoyingly I think I had it previously. Can't remember where I saw it though. 😞
  13. If it seals it seals! 🤣 Specially in the outback when you need to get back to safety.
  14. I like the idea and the method, but I didn't think it'd work that well for the detailed parts of the carb. Not to mention if I damaged it I'd be left without a carb then. 🤣
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